ModQuad Billet Frame support

   How hard do you ride? This is something that is hard to explain because everyone has different opinions. If you are a casual rider always riding the trails with family you may not be that hard a rider, but if you are riding the trails looking for an adrenaline rush you most likely ride pretty hard. I am a casual rider of sorts at times, and at other times I find myself pushing the limits of my Rhino looking for that adrenalin rush that I have grown to love. If you ride like me and love that adrenaline rush, you may want to invest in a set of frame supports like this one I received from ModQuad. I did not get a rear support at this time, I picked up only a front support. 

This frame support not only adds additional strength but also adds eye catching good looks. This is a fairly simple item to install, it comes with new longer bolts. First you loosen the two front a-arm bolts on each side then jack up the front of your Rhino till you take the tension off of those bolts so you can remove then freely. I removed mine one at a time and reinstalled the new bolts at the same time from the rear of the a-arms towards the front. Once the four new bolts are installed you can slide the Frame support from either side and line it up with those four bolts, then install your stock nuts on the new bolts.

In conclusion:
If you are a trail rider looking for eye catching good looks and/or additional frame support this is an excellent choice.