QuadBoss MudBoss

   So where do I start? These tires look good and perform good in most any terrain. The tires I opted for are the 26" tall version with 26/9/12's up front and 26/11/12's in the rear and unlike most these tires mounted on the rhino with 15psi actually measure a true 26" inches tall. With their 1" tread depth  these tires dig deep and perform great in soft dirt as well as mud. The rubber compound these tires are made out of offers great handling characteristics on high speed trails but be careful in the turns these tires want to dig down and go instead of sliding. Something else I like to see in today's tire market is a good rim guard because we all know with the fancy and expensive wheels now days we want them to last and I guess QuadBoss had this in mind when making these tires because they have a very deep rim guard that should protect your rim from most anything.

In Conclusion: These tires are no doubt made for traction in the mud and loose terrain with the deep lugs but these tires also offer good traction in most other conditions as well.