Ricochet Skid Plates

  After a year and a half of riding I noticed my Rhino's undercarriage was getting pretty beat up due to bottoming out on large rocks, trees, and other trail obstacles. My front and rear stock plastic skids were busted and were not serving much of a purpose so I decided it was time for a good set of skid plates. Instead of just replacing the busted plastic skids I went to Ricochet and got a full set of armor for my Rhinos undercarriage. This kit includes a-arm skids, front skid, rear skid, main belly skid, floor board skids, a rear differential skid and new mounting hardware.

  I was worried I would have trouble bolting up these skid plates (due
to the damage done to the belly of my Rhino) so before I got started I got out a hammer and a few pry bars then straightened the undercarriage the best I could. Even with the prior damage to the undercarriage I had no trouble mounting this kit, I just followed the instructions and everything bolted up as it should. I found zero clearance issues when installing this kit, it has precision bends and cuts which required no modifications other than drilling a few mounting holes in the original belly skid as described in the kits instructions. Each skid is made from quarter inch thick aluminum and mounted with a tight clearance between each piece for as much protection as possible.

Ricochet Skid plates

In conclusion if you are looking for some serious armor for your Rhino this kit from Ricochet offers just that and does it with a perfect fit