2013 RZR Project

Welcome to Mud and Guts Offroad

and the RZR S Project!

   After a few months of researching into the Polaris RZR's and trying to decide if I wanted the regular RZR, the RZR S, or the XP I thought I had my mind made up. So I went to Norris Supercycle ((931)498.2301) on 111 just out of Livingston to look at his inventory to see if it helped my decision. After looking at them all on his show room I decided that Dollar for Dollar the S model was the model for me. He didn't have a base S model but he had this Blue Fire/Orange LE that just looked amazing to say the least! When I drove this thing I was hooked! I know there is several bikes out now that have a lot more power than the 800 H.O. but I feel this is the bike for me and the way I ride. Needless to say after the deal was made and I took the Blue S LE for a spin I found Randell Norris (the owner of Norris Supercycle) standing by the trailer ready to help me load it up and I was smiling from ear to ear!

Stay tuned to this build over the next few months as I will be "Making her Mine"!

GBC 27" Dirt Commanders                       EMP's Smack Back Buggy Mirrors

GBC Mongrels                                              Pro Armor Pro Am Seats                                                

Baja Designs Squadrons and SII's           Pro Armor Doors

QuadBoss Rear/Side View Mirror           Pro Armor Front Bumper

QuadBoss RZR Roof                                   BikeMaster Dual Battery setup

QuadBoss Tilting Windshield                   RacerTech Lift Kit

EMP Tranny Saver                                      Pro Armor Pro Am Seats

EMP Mirrors                                                KFI Products Stealth 4500lbs Winch

EMP Hard cab Back                                    Pro Armor 3" Four Point Harnesses

EMP Fuse/Switch Panel                            KFI Products 2" Receiver Hitch

EMP Web Grill                                            RacerTech Lowering Seat Bases

EMP Gear Shifter Lock                              RacerTech Chassis Sleeves

Ricochet Offroad Armor                            AMR Racing Head Light Graphics

UTV INC Nerf Bars                                     Maier Scooped Hood

UTV INC Bumper/Cage extension          12" DWT Nitros

HighLifters High Clearance A-arms       RacerTech ridgid mount bumper

Cognito's RZR S Sway Bar!                       RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings

EMP's RZR Gas Tank Guard                    QuadBoss Chainsaw carrier

QuadBoss Clutch Kit                                  AMR Racing RZR Graphics

RacerTech's Two Piece Cage                    RacerTechs Delrin Pivot Bushings

GBC Mongrels

The First thing I did to this bike was replace the tires, I have always been a big fan of GBC's 8 ply tires and I have had a lot of luck with them in the past so when I seen they were coming out with a new 8 ply rated DOT approved high speed rated tire I had to have a set. These tires have a deep rim guard and a tight tread design so they should prove to not only be tough and very puncture resistant they should get excellent traction on various terrain and really excel on the hard pack.  See More

Extreme Metal Products Tranny Saver

If you own a RZR you have probably noticed that if you put the machine in park while on a hill it can be hard to get it back out of park, not only is this hard on you but it is hard on the tranny. On these bikes there should be some kind of brake that you can manually engage so you are not stressing the tranny in these situations and EMP has taken care of that with this simple and very effective item. See More

Extreme Metal Products Mirrors

Mirrors are always a good thing to have and a must if you are going to make a bike street legal. These mirrors from EMP look good on the bike and go great with the body lines of the bike. The actual mirror in these is large enough to allow a good view of what is behind you plus the fold in for those tight trails. Another plus for these mirrors is they are cheap so if you break one it can be replaced without breaking the bank. See More

QuadBoss Rear/Side View Mirror

These Mirrors from Quadboss can be used as side or Rear view mirrors and can be used basically any where on the cage where you feel you need a little more view. I center mounted one of these on the front over head bar of my RZR's cage so I can use it as a rear view mirror. See More

QuadBoss RZR Roof

In my opinion a roof on a side x side is a necessity. A roof not only protects you and your passenger from  the suns harmful UV rays but it also protects you both from the rain, falling limbs, and anything else that could fall from above. The QuadBoss roof is a foam filled plastic design that is thick and very tough yet still light weight plus it gives the bike a sporty look. See More

QuadBoss Tilting windshield

I choose this Quadboss tilting windshield for this bike because of its good looks and versatility. See More

EMP Hard Coat Cab Back

Here's a few pic's and video for now but there is more to come later. See More

Pro Armor Doors

On the first ride just down the road I seen doors were a must on this RZR, Not only do doors make a more comfortable feel when riding but they offer a lot of protection from the elements. See More

Pro Armor Pre-Runner Bumper

It is no secret that the RZR has basically no protection up front or in the rear for that matter so bumpers are basically a necessity.  For the front I Picked up this Pro Armor Pre Runner bumper,  This bumper is an all aluminum tube construction so it is not only a durable brush pusher but it is doing it while being light weight and protecting the vulnerable front end. Read More

BikeMaster Dual Battery setup

On these bikes there is no secondary starting system so a dead battery could come easy and would cause for an unplanned extended ride if it goes dead due to running accessories and could possibly cause a long ride back to camp being towed. Read More

EMP Fuse box/Switch PanelAccessories, accessories, accessories, one of the first thing anyone does to a new sidexside is start adding a custom touch with aftermarket accessories that meet our individual needs and in my case this is no exception. Read More

Baja Designs Squadrons and SII's

If you own an ATV or SidexSide and have ever rode at night I am sure you have found the stock headlights to be marginal at best. As I found the same I went to Baja Designs and Picked up 2 of their new Squadrons and 2 of their SII's for my RZR. Read More.

RacerTech 2" Lift

I usually am not a fan of lift kits due to the excess strain most of them put on the joints in the axles plus a lot of them end up being the weak link of the suspension, But when I read this kit from RacerTech could supply lift without changing the angle of the CV's at full drop of the suspension and would increase the strength of the suspension at the same time I was intrigued. Read More

Pro Armors Pro Am seats!

These seats from Pro Armor are a true suspension seat that are to say the least a lot more comfortable than the stock RZR seats that were in my S.. The stock seats have no side to side support and they are a little narrow for me not to mention a little lacking of cushion so I went to Pro Armor and picked up a set of their Pro Am seats in Black with blue stitching/Piping. Read More

KFI Products Stealth 4500lbs winch!

I feel One of the most important accessories for a SideXSide is a good quality winch after all whats the chances of getting stuck in the woods? Pretty good huh? Or what if you are almost to the top of a big hill then you spin out? You then got two choices either back over the hill or just winch to the top. Read More.

Pro Armor 3" Four Point Harnesses

When it comes to offroading safety is number one and when it comes to safety in a sidexside a good quality set of harnesses is a must have. The stock seat belts are minimal at most and when you are riding offroad you just never know what is going to happen so trusting the stock seat belts is sometimes hard to do. Read More.

KFI's 2" Receiver Hitch

The 2" receiver hitch is the most common of the receivers and due to this the accessories for it can be found almost any where for a good price so when I seen the RZR did not have one from the factory I was a little bit disappointed. Read More.

Ricochet Offroad Armor

When on the trails I like to ride and ride hard so I don't like to have to worry about every little stick or rock and it seems No matter how careful you try to be there will be times when it seems that rock just comes out of nowhere and without proper protection carnage can happen in a number of ways! Over the past several years I have depended on Ricochet Offroad Armor to protect my equipment and with the RZR it is no different! Read More..

UTV INC Nerf Bars/Rock Sliders

From the first time I looked at the RZR I felt the fender flares would take a lot of abuse and possibly get ripped off in the stock configuration so I went to UTV INC and Picked up a set of there nerf bars to add some much needed protection to the bike. Read More.

EMP Web Grill

The stock grill in the RZR is loose and real easy to remove so I was afraid in time I would loose it or a stick would go right through destroying it and possibly hurting the radiator so I went to EMP and picked up one of their Stainless steel Web Grills. Read More.

UTV INC Rear Bumper/Cage extension Combo

Much like the front the rear of the RZR has very little to no protection and when in the woods you never know when a good friend might bump you from behind on accident or you might accidentally back into something on the trail causing expensive and undue damage to the bike. For this reason I  went to UTV INC and Picked up one of there Rear Bumper/Cage Extension combo's! Read More.

RacerTech Lowering Seat Bases

These bases from RacerTech are a steel construction for added strength  as well as they are thinner to allow the seat to sit lower making a more comfortable ride plus they have the center cut out to allow for more seat travel on those big hits. Read More.

AMR Racing Orange Eclipse Head light graphics

In order to give the RZR a more custom and more aggressive look I went to AMR Racing and picked up a set of their Orange Eclipse head light graphics for the RZR. Read More

RacerTech Chassis Sleeves

Its no secret the RZR is designed light weight with a high power to weight ratio compared to some of the other SidexSides out and sometimes this is a good thing but depending on how you ride this is not always the case. Read More.

EMP Gear Shifter Lock

It seems like any more you are always hearing stories of some ones bike getting stolen so I am always nervous when it comes time to spend an overnighter on a long weekend ride, especially when staying at a hotel when the bike will be out of sight and definitely not out of mine all night.. Well this product from Extreme Metal Products helps to ease my mine. Read More.

Maier Scooped Hood for the RZR

In order to change the looks up on the RZR I went to Maier and picked up one of their custom hoods in their Black Carbon Fiber look. This scooped hood adds a custom look with the stylish scoops as well as  a deep glossy carbon fiber look. Read More

12" DWT Nitros "American Made"

After a few months in the seat of the RZR I decided it was time for a new set of wheels so I went to DWT and Picked up a set of their black Nitros in 12"x7". These wheels are powder coated cast aluminum with a plastic center cap that pops in from the inside. They look awesome and give the RZR a stealth look but these wheels are about more than looks. Read More.

27" GBC Dirt Commanders for the 12" wheel

The Dirt Commander tire from GBC Motorsports is nothing new, it has been proving itself for years to have excellent performance as well as durability but last year on facebook and by other means we told GBC we wanted a durable 8 ply tire in 27" sizes for a 12" wheel so shortly there after GBC gave us what we ask for by adding the 27x9 and 27x11 Dirt Commanders to their line up. Read More

EMP's Smack Back Buggy Mirrors for the RZR!

These mirrors are awesome, Made from 3/16th steel and powder coated for durability they have a strong and durably frame that is coupled with a 5 1/2 fully adjustable convex mirror for maximum viewing area. Read More.

RacerTech Ridgid mount bumper

When looking for a bumper for the RZR I found most bumpers mounted with two bolts right in front of the radiator, which is fine for light duty bumpers designed for pushing brush but it is by far from the best setup for impacts! The problem with mounting the bumper right in front of the radiator is upon a light  front end impact the bumper could be pushed through and destroy the radiator which could mean a long walk back to the truck. Read More.

High Lifters High Clearance A-arms

If you have been an offroader for very long I am sure you have learned in time that 99.9 if not 100 percent of the time when you get stuck its due to lack of ground clearance! Traction plays a part but unless you are on ice ground clearance plays the bigger part on an ATV or SidexSide. Read More.

Cognito's RZR S Replacement Sway Bar!

  A few months ago I got an e-mail from the guys at Cognito asking if I was interested in trying out a new RZR S sway bar and beating on it a little for them, and I couldn't say no!

While the stock bar is a light weight thin hollow tube design the Cognito bar is a strong solid bar  of a smaller diameter with adjustments so you can adjust the handling characteristics of the machine. This kit came with the new heavy duty bar along with all new mounting hardware. Read More

RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings

    Shortly After starting the RZR build I found RacerTech and have since added several of their products to the RZR making it not only a lot more durably but also a better looking machine! And they are not done yet, it seems since I found them they have added several new products to their line up for the RZR including these bullet proof Control bushings. The stock control bushing are plastic by design which will wear in time and under extreme stress can crack/brake causing a loose sloppy feeling when driving the machine so when RacerTech announced they had these I had to have some. Read More

EMP's RZR Gas Tank Guard

 Over the past year I have really enjoyed the RZR and everything it has to offer but I have also found several vulnerable areas that needed addressed. My latest install on this bike is EMP's RZR gas tank Guard which is valuable insurance in my opinion.  This guard is light weight aluminum so it adds very little weight to the machine while offering large rewards.

Read More

QuadBoss Chainsaw carrier

When on the trails you never know what can happen so being prepared and ready is a part of riding, for this reason we all carry several items we feel necessary and although everyone's box is stocked a little different we all have a reason for carrying what we do. Something a lot of riders fail to carry for one reason or another including myself is a chainsaw, generally one chainsaw in the group is plenty but if the one guy who generally carries the saw misses a ride or if for some reason his saw doesn't start it never fails the saw will be needed or at least it seems that way. Read More

Quadboss Clutch Kit

Coming from the old Rhino to the RZR the handling and power difference was huge to say the least but like about every other power hungry nut out I am always looking for ways to make more usable power and better handling. With that said I have been looking at clutch kits to help make the power of the RZR more usable. Read More

AMR Racing Graphics for the RZR

When it comes to customizing an ATV or UTV in today's market the possibilities are endless and it don't matter if you are looking for performance, durability, or impressing looks. Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of work to my RZR trying to make it a more capable and more durable RZR so I finally decided it was time to give it a more custom look. Read More

RacerTech's Two Piece stock replacement RZR cage

In my mind I could see this cage on my bike with a few add ons and I liked what I could see so I decided to give this cage a try and now I am sure glad I did because not only do I have a tough cage that is easily taken apart but I love the looks with the roof and modified QuadBoss Windshield. I also modified my Cage extension by adding a few cage bungs and welding the upper solid to the RacerTech cage so it is a fast removal three piece cage setup. Read More

RacerTechs Delrin Pivot Bushings

Installing these bushings was a lot more time consuming than installing the stock style loose bushings but with several rides and several hundred miles on the RacerTech setup my bike is just as tight as the day I installed their bushings. All I was looking for in these bushings was a set of bushings that would last longer but I gained a whole lot more, With the RacerTech bushings the bike actually handles better, is more controllable, and drives better. Read More

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions: Neil@mudandgutsoffroad.org