QuadBoss Overhead Stereo

QuadBoss Overhead Stereo


  When it comes to a stereo setup for the Rhino there is several options. The three main options are, the in dash option that removes the warning label in the center of the dash, the below dash housing, and the overhead compartments. I chose this overhead compartment from QuadBoss because the mud and water we sometimes cross is too high for me to feel comfortable with the lower housings. This overhead compartment keeps the stereo tucked up high into the cage in order to protect it from water, mud, and any thing else you may find on the trails. This compartment is very durably due to its foam filled construction, it has three separate compartments built in one for each of the two speakers and one for the stereo itself, all three mounting up from the bottom. It is designed this way so if it gets wet the water will run off the external housing without getting into the electronics. This unit comes with two pre-wired speakers, a power antenna, mounting instructions, and necessary mounting hardware for basic installation. With the housing being above your head you do lose a little visibility (due to having to look up) when comparing it to the lower units (which are right in front of you), but it is well worth it to me for the extra piece of mind.

  This unit comes with brackets that attach to the existing roll cage with the stock bolts. You just remove the front bolts from each of the upper cage cross members, position the included brackets to the cage in these locations, and reinstall the stock bolts in the stock locations. If your Rhino is like mine and has the factory grab bar on the overhead cross member closest to the front you will need to swap that cross member and the rear cross member or cut off the grab bar and spray it with some paint to keep it from rusting. With the Grab Bar out of the way I ran into another problem, My stock Special Edition roof was hitting the overhead compartment and would not let the overhead compartment seat up against the mounting brackets. Due to the area of the top that was hitting the overhead compartment I didn't feel comfortable cutting and modifying the roof so I went to the local hardware and got some electrical conduit connectors and some new 4 inch long 3/8's inch bolts and washers. I cut the conduit connectors to 1-1/4 inch in height and used them for spacers between the overhead console and the mounting brackets. I used the 3/8's bolts and washers to attach the overhead console to the mounting brackets. With the spacers I now have about 1/8 inch clearance between the Stock roof and the overhead console. I am 6ft tall 210lbs and with my setup I have sufficient head room, more head room could be had however by slightly trimming the stock roof and removing more from the spacers if desired.

This unit comes with pre-assembled 40-watt 5” diameter speakers and a power antenna but leaves the stereo option up to you. QuadBoss does offer a marine stereo from JBL which is rated at 4x45 watts part#MR140. The JBL stereo was easy to mount in the overhead unit, all the wires were run through a recessed grommet to exit the overhead compartment on the passenger side of the Rhino. I ran the power wires from the grommet down the inside of the cage and out under the hood. I ran the power antenna wires on top of the overhead compartment and mounted the power antenna up towards the front of the overhead compartment under the SE roof in order to protect it from the sun and the rain.

In conclusion:

 This unit is very durably, well constructed, and looks great. If you are looking to add a stereo to your rhino I feel this overhead compartment from QuadBoss is excellent investment.

With the QuadBoss Slimline roof this overhead compartment mounts up high into the cage with out the use of the spacers.