RacerTechs Delrin Pivot Bushings

    On all my bikes after each ride I give them a good cleaning then look them over to try and find any trail carnage from the ride and something I was finding after every ride on my RZR was the stock a-arm bushings had excessive play in them. I was having issues front and rear but the front seemed to be the worst, after each ride I would put the jack under the bike to take the weight off the suspension and grab each wheel one at a time with both hands to check for play in the suspension and after every ride the front a-arm bushing would need replaced. I would replace the bushing and grease them good (with grease squirting out making a mess everytime) after every good ride.  After replacing these several times I set out looking for a good set of replacements and although I found several companies offering  replacement bushings I went with the RacerTech bushing and sleeve setup not only because I knew RacerTech quality was top notch but also because I called and talked to Andy and he explained to me that their bushings were milled on the high end of Polaris spec so each bushing could be fitted to each individual arm.  You might ask "why can they not all be the same?" well what he explained to me was the Polaris a-arms I.D. varied from arm to arm and bike to bike. With everything else I had seen on this bike this actually made sense so I ordered their complete kit and when it came in I took a few measurements of the I.D.'s of my a-arms to find each arm was slightly different and found when one bushing fit loosely in one arm it might fit really tight in another.

Installing these bushings was a lot more time consuming than installing the stock style loose bushings but with several rides and several hundred miles on the RacerTech setup my bike is just as tight as the day I installed their bushings. All I was looking for in these bushings was a set of bushings that would last longer but I gained a whole lot more, With the RacerTech bushings the bike actually handles better, is more controllable, and drives better.

Installing these bushing took some time and a couple sheets of sand paper but once installed other than the rear outers which I actually installed a little to tight (live and learn) have been maintenance free and with no grease they are not as messy either. On the rear outers I installed them a little to tight to try and see which lasted longer them or the other but after a little riding I found with the rear outers being a little tight they started to squeak as the suspension traveled up and down so I later pulled them back apart and hit them with a little sand paper to get them to fit like the rest. Now with everything seated together all the bushings are quite, tight, and grease free.  RacerTech recommends running these bushings grease free as they are machined from a self lubricating Delrin materal. I have debated on greasing mine but so far I have been running them dry with no issues.

In conclusion if you want a tight handling bike these are a must, with several hundred miles on this setup my bike still handles better then it ever did when new.

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