GoPro Motorsports Hero HD

The GoPro HD is an awesome camera that takes quality HD video footage as well as 5 mp photos and is extremely durable as long as it is in the water proof case. I have used this camera for recording in the shop as well as on the trails, the trail footage of course is a lot better quality but even with the low lighting of the shop the quality is still sufficient if you are not super picky. This camera only has two buttons but they have numerous functions so if you buy one plan on spending some time reading the manual so you know exactly what you are working with before trying to use the camera. This camera has an optional screen that you can purchase separately if you would like to know exactly what you are filming but personally I did not opt for it, I just set the camera up and roll the footage.

Here is a little video I made a while back testing this camera in extreme cold conditions. After the video the water proof housing was basically a block of ice but the footage still came out great and the camera still works today. I did have an issue where the sound had stopped recording during one video but when I found I had no sound in the video I updated the software on the camera and all videos since have had great sound quality..