QuadBoss Drink Tube

      When it comes to ATV's and UTV's there is never enough storage or so it seems. With this in mind, The QuadBoss UTV Drink tube is a great little cooler that can be mounted on the cage so it doesn't really take up any room, it just makes use of extra room already on board. This cooler has four Velcro straps that can be used to mount it basically anywhere on the cage. It holds up to six 12 oz cans, it is Insulated with closed cell foam and lined with nylon to help keep drinks cold. I have been using this cooler for several months and it has been working great, I have even put a few 20oz bottles in this cooler which was a tight fit but it actually worked when doing carefully. I usually put this on the overhead bar above the seats on the rzr  and mounted in this position I don't even have to get out of the bike to get a drink.

The way I mount this cooler it generally stays fairly clean and dry but it is made of  a Rugged 600x600 denier polyester body material that is colorfast, water repellent, and UV-resistant so you do not have to worry about it. I generally do not put ice in this cooler but cold drinks generally hold their cool for a couple hours depending on the weather and with a frozen bottle of water in the mix they do a little better. I have another cooler I run in the bed for long rides but this little cooler is a great way to carry a few drinks on a short ride or just to keep a drink close on those long rides.

QuadBoss UTV Drink Tube!