2015 RZRS 900 Build

Over the last several years I have been dreaming about this exact bike, I knew what I wanted so when I seen Polaris release this bike I knew it was going to be mine. I think Polaris has really uped the game with the new 900S, not only does it have 20 more horsepower but it is geared so it can really use that power in the woods where we ride. Although Polaris stepped up and really improved this bike they left room for us to customize and make these bikes the way we want them. Now when I first picked this bike up I knew it had to have a few things to really make it work the way I wanted but from all the improvements I feel this bike is going to be a more worry free setup but enough about that if you want to hear more about the improvements check out the 2015 RZR S 900 First look page. And don't forget to check out the 2015 RZR S 900 install videos page for more info on installation! So now lets get to the build!

Understanding and installing the Quadboss clutch kit

If you have ever installed bigger tires you know how they effect your power band by taking a way lowend power. The stock clutch is calibrated for the stock size and weight tires so when you go taller or heavier it may need re-calibrated so you get full benefit.

Watch understanding video  watch install video

Quadboss drive belt

Installing the drive belt on the RZR is a pretty common thing and can be done on the trails with a few tools. I went with the Quadboss drive belt and it is doing great. Watch install video

The RacerTech Dual Rate springs

Every RZR should come with these from the factory, the cheap factory springs sag quickly and have a loose feeling ride. The RacerTech springs firm up the ride and smooth it out. With the Racertech springs I also removed the rear sway bar to let the rear suspension act independently for an even better ride. Not to mention I gained 2" of ground clearance with the new springs. Watch video

Quadboss wheel bearings

Over the years rideing atv's and sidexsides I have went through a lot of maintenance parts, some being good and some not lasting long at all. I have found over the years Quadboss bearing last as long or longer than any of the other I have tried so I decided to give them a try on my 900S as well, I don't have many miles on them at this time but I will update when I get some good miles on them. These bearings installed as they should and are tight after assembly which I am hearing is better than many others already. Watch install video

The Pro Armor 8 speaker sound bar

When it comes to tunes I generally listen to the tunes coming from my HMF exhaust but when I seen these sound bar from pro Armor I got to say I was intrigued to say the least. I have been watching fro a while and after not finding much on them online I decided it was time to give it a try myself and do my own video. This bar came in wrapped up nice and tight and came with everything needed for install except for a few wires and butt connectors. After install and bluetooth setup with my phone in my pocket all I have to do is power on the unit then hit the play button on the unit and it starts playing music I have saved on phone. This thing sounds awesome and it still amazes me to be in such a small package. Watch video

The RacerTech Cage extensions

If you are running the RacerTech rear bumper these are a must have, they add strength and rigidity not only to the bumper but they also add to the factory cage by tieing it all together. These are a real simple three bolt install that can be done in only minutes. You may have to loosen the bumper bolts to get these to line up with the factory mounting holes in the top of the cage but personally I did not, mine went right on. I really like how these install really wide which gives more room to access the cargo unlike most I have seen.

Watch install video

The Quadboss Expedition Jr. Box

When it comes to cargo boxes Quadboss is not new to the game by any means and with all that they offer in hard and soft storage options its not that hard to find the perfect setup for any ATV or Sidexside. And even with all that they  already offer they keep finding ways to change the designs to make them better and they did just that with this new Expedition Jr. box. Read More

The Quadboss QBT446's mounted on Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels!

With all the power of the new RZR's it seems the tires just keep getting bigger and although I have not been a big fan of the 14" wheels over the years, with the larger tires I felt it was time to step up. For years the 27" tire mounted on a 12" wheel has been my go to setup on the RZR 800 as well as the rhino and I was content with that but on the new RZR S 900 I just keep wanting more! So for the 900 I picked up a set of 30x10-14" Quadboss QBT446 tires and a set of Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels. Read More!

The QuadBoss 3500lbs Winch

Over the years I have always believed bigger is better when it comes to a winch but for this RZR I decided to test that theory and install a smaller winch on this RZR! I went with the QuadBoss 3500lbs winch and mounted it up high on my RacerTech winch mount bumper. This winch comes with a synthetic rope that has a long protective sheath, unlike other winches that come with a 4ft sheave the Quadboss sheave is probably twice that if not more. With my winch I opted for the wireless remote which is awesome, with all the winches I have owned this is my first with wireless and it has me hooked. My remote does have a small 1-2 second delay, I don't know if this is normal or if my battery is just low but I will update when I change the battery. For a 3500lbs winch this winch seems to have plenty of power when needed and when I hit the button it works! What more could you ask for?

Watch video

The RacerTech winch mount front bumper!

It is no secret I like the Baja style bumpers RacerTech produce as I had one on my 800 and my 900 but when the released a winch mount it intrigued me! This is the first Baja style RZR bumper I have seen with a winch mount so I had to have one. This bumper looks a lot like their original baja bumper but has several small changes, if you watched both videos you might have noticed the differences. One difference is the new winch mount bumper sits out a couple inches further to give room for the winch, two it no longer has the ridgid mounts but does have a ridgid mount option that is recommended if you run a winch. You might ask why does it not come with this option but from my understanding not everyone want to run a winch so RacerTech sale these products separate to keep the price down as well as save weight. Now if you are like me and plan on running a winch I would highly recommend installing the winch before installing the bumper on the RZR, I didn't do this and without the help of my wife's little hands I don't know if I could have gotten it but we did with a little patience. I have always liked the idea of the winch up high and out of the water from creek crossings and mud holes and this bumper does just that while still retaining the Baja look. Installing this bumper takes a little time but in the end it is a strong bumper that adds style and function so if this style is what you are looking for I don't think you will be disappointed with this one! Watch install video

The RacerTech rear bumper and Spare tire mount!

Over the years I have learned anything can and will happen so added security is never a bad idea, this combo adds protection from the rear in case of an accidental rear end hit as well as offers a place to mount a little insurance policy in case you bust a rim or tire out on the trail. This bumper also has options for a winch mount and license plate mount and I am hearing a set of cage extension bars will be available shortly so it has several options and can be customized to meet anyone's needs. Installation of this bumper is real simple with just a few bolts and nuts attaching in stock locations. Watch install video

The Dobeck EJK and SAFER tool!

If you have ever put an exhaust on an atv or utv you know you got to rejet other wise you could damage the engine by running dangerously lean! With this in mind I picked up Dobecks EJK (electronic Jet Kit) on a fuel injected machine like the RZR fine tuning is a lot easier than it use to be when you had to pull the carburetor a part and change jets one at a time until you got it right. Now all we got to do is push a couple buttons on the EJK and the AFR is dialed in. And the EJK is a simple plug and play that powers from the fuel injectors so once the injectors are plugged in line a simple ground wire is all that is left to attach to the battery. To help with fine tuning I also picked up Dobeck's SAFER Tool, The SAFER comes with AFR gauge, O2 Sensor, and several quick connects so it can easily be attached to the power supply. With the SAFER and EJK installed you can dial in AFR quickly on the fly to get maximum power without a Dyno! AFR is best around 12-13 and anything more or less could yield less power and possibly do engine damage so people use to have to take their machine to a Dyno to get it dialed in so they could get max performance and longevity out of their engines but not any more! And thanks to HMF for including an O2 bung in the header pipe the Dobeck SAFER can be installed within minutes so it can be used basically anytime and anywhere to dial in the AFR and then removed in minutes. And to top that the SAFER is available from Dobeck as a rental so you don't have to buy it, personally I picked up a rental but I think I am going to keep it because it is so simple to use and it can be used on anything to help dial in AFR. Watch video

HMF coated Performance Full Exhaust!

Over the years I have installed a lot of exhausts and most of them have been HMF, I have never had any issues with an HMF exhaust and I have always liked the sound so when it came to the RZR I knew thats what I wanted. The install was a lot easier than I anticipated thanks to the quality of the HMF system and thanks to the engineering at Polaris for making the RZR so simple. The stock header pipe on the RZR was done stained and looked rough to say the least not to mention the black theme of my bike so far so I opted for the coated exhaust in black so not only will the exhaust look better but it compliments the theme of my RZR. After the install the first time I fired the RZR up I knoew right away I had made the right decision and chosen the right exhaust, this exhaust has a nice rumble and a much deeper note than the stock Raspy exhaust. I always thought the stock exhaust sounded pretty good but after listening to the HMF I found out I just didn't know what I had been missing in the sound department. Plus I gained 3hp with the quite cores in according to HMF even though it feels like more at a 30mph punch. Makes me wonder what kind of gain I will see without the quite cores. watch install video

R2C air filter!

Over the years I have used a lot of filters and something that gets old quick with a foam or fabric filter is the maintenance so on the RZR I have been using the stock Paper filter until now! I have never been fond of a paper filter in the offroad but its so much easier than the foam and fabric filters that you have to clean and oil regularly I felt it was the easiest way out and I just keep replacing them from time to time. When I read the Guys on RZRForums.net talking about this R2C filter I was to say the least intrigued, so I started doing a little research and found nothing but good reviews and testimonials on these filters. I also found these filters are made from a washable material so water does not hurt them, these filters also filter small particles much better than the stock paper filter filtering over 80% at .3 microns where the OEM filter only stops about 28% at .3 microns! The R2C filter has a clamp on flange so no more need to grease the flange, just clean all the grease off the flange and clamp the new filter in place for a positive seal.  Watch video

High Lifters Max Clearance A-arms Front and Rear!

For years larger tires and lift kits where the only way to add ground clearance but now with the release of the arched a-arms we now have a third option! These arms have a dual bend design for maximum clearance while keeping the arms strong enough for trail riding at speed, all arched arms are recommended for slow speed riding but the harder the bends the more this is pronounced. The High lifter arms have much softer bend than some arms and when combined  with the thick walled tubing make them considerably stronger than some competitors and the stock arms. These arms have excellent quality and it really shows when installing them, not only do they fit perfect but the fronts also include a grease zerk Polaris did not. These arms also added 3" to the wheel base of my RZR, this allows the use of larger tires as well as makes it more stable on steep hill climbs. I am running 29" tall tires and I still have more tire clearance than I had with the stock tires and stock arms.

watch front install video   watch rear install video

QuadBoss Cargo Box for all RZR's

Ever get tired of all your add ons not working when you trade RZR's? Well apparently the guys and gals at Quadboss did so they decided to build a box that works with all current model RZR's. This is a box with about 1/4" walls so it takes up far less room than the Polaris box for the new 900's and holds about the same amount of cargo. This box comes with an assortment of hardware so no matter which current model RZR you have it can be mounted and if you upgrade to a new RZR that is currently available this box can be made fit it as well. Fits current 570, 800, 900's, and the 1000. This box even has tabs build in so even if you are on a hill the lid will hold itself up in two different positions. Watch video

QuadBoss's 14" Coercion wheels

   Over the years I have stayed away from 14" wheels due to the decrease in sidewall with a 14" wheel when compared to a 12" wheel. Reason being generally to little sidewall will end up with pinch flats and ruin good tires as well as to little sidewall will ride rougher in the trails because the tires have less give but when it came to this new rzr and with the new 29"tires only being offered in 14" I felt it was time to step up to a 14" wheel and with the tires being 29" I think I still have plenty of sidewall. Another Plus on the RZR the 12" wheel have been known to have clearance issues because they sit so close to the suspension components so the 14" will help open these places up a little for more clearance. For wheels I wanted something that would go with the current theme of the bike and I think these wheels do just that. Read More

GBC's 29" Dirt Commanders

When I seen the new 2015 RZR 900 lineup released I was to say the least excited, This new bike had a lot of upgrades that I had been saying for years the old 800 needed. One of the upgrades that the new 900S received was the factory installed 27" GBC Dirt Commanders! I have been running these tires for years on several different bikes with no issues, and if you have been following some of my reviews this is not the only tire I have been running but it is the one that I always fall back to due to its durability and functionality. I actually even had 27" Dirt Commanders on my 800S when I traded it  for the new 900S. Read More.

Pro Armor full Doors

When it comes to one of these bikes doors are one of the most important parts in my book, not only can they add custom looks but they add safety as well. These doors were just released a few weeks ago but they have been in testing for months now, I know this because I seen a few photo's that leaked out from the king of the hammers a couple months ago with these doors on a couple of the competing RZR 900's. These doors follow the body lines for an awesome fit and are designed to work specifically for the new 2015+ 900 machines. Early on we found some of the 1000xp door inserts would work on the new 900's but there was small differences so Pro Armor made these doors just for the new 900's! These doors bolt on quickly and easily with just two bolts to remove the stock doors and just two bolts to mount these full doors then just two more bolts to mount the latch and you are done.

Watch install video

Pro Armor G2 Mud Seats

When I first rode in this rzr I right away noticed the stock seats was much better then on my 800S but I also knew they  just wasn't comfortable enough. When I set out looking for seats I found these G2 mud seats and the design intrigued me to say the least, the opening in the rear not only allows access to the seat latch but it also lets mud drain from the seat. The mesh floor in the back of the seat allows water to run right through the seat and if you have ever rode in suspension seats without this when it is raining you know just how important this is. The quality and attention to detail Pro Armor put into these seats is amazing not to mention the more comfortable ride. For my seats I went Black and blue which is spot on with the colors on my RZR for a perfect match. (With these seats in I can still access and remove the access panel to check the oil.) Watch video

UTVINC Seat Bases

For years the stock plastic seat bases have been known to break in the worst time possible and UTVINC has been on top of the game making steel replacements that will last the life of the RZR and with this model it is no different. The quality and fitment of the UTVINC bases is top notch like everything else I have ever ordered from them. If you have a model like mine with a driver side seat slider those have to be removed in order to use these new bases which is not a big deal for me because when new I used the slider once to get the seat set and haven't used it since. The seats are still adjustable with these bases but the seat must be removed to adjust them. After install the seats are a little more stable than with the stock bases and they sit a little lower for a lower center of gravity and a little more comfortable riding stance that want let you down. Watch video

Pro Armor Fire extinguisher kit

Over the years if I have not learned anything else I have learned it pays to be prepared when you are out in the middle of nowhere and one thing that is a must is a good quality fire extinguisher that is easy to get to and will work when you need it. The Pro Armor fire extinguisher pouch is an easy to use pouch that wraps the cage and attaches to itself with Velcro. And it has an easily accessible zipper which allows access to the fire extinguisher when it is needed. In the end if you have an ATV or sidexside you need one of these and although the mount might last forever  and the fire extinguisher has a 10 year limited warranty I am sure it will not last forever so be sure to keep an eye on the gauge and replace as needed so you don't find your self in the middle of nowhere wishing you had.

Pro Armor Suede steering wheel and adapter

Over the years the stock steering wheels keep getting better and better but  at the same time the after market wheels do to, so although the new 900 had a great wheel from the factory when compared to the older generation wheels it still does not compare to the comfort of the Pro Armor Suede wheel.  The Pro Armor wheel is an aluminum wheel wrapped in suede and the Pro Armor adapter is cut from a solid chunk of aluminum which makes a setup built to last for years to come.

Quadboss xp1000 folding windshield

Over the years I have tried numerous windshields and I got to say this is probably one of the easiest I have ever installed. This windshield came in the box pretty much completely assembled so all I had to do was mount it with four clamps and I was done. When I installed this windshield I had my 30" light bar mounted to the roof and it worried me that I would break it hitting trees and limbs so when I found this windshield had a small gap at the top about the size of the light bar I got to thinking. I quickly ordered the UTVINC light bar mounts that place the light bar under the roof and it fit perfectly. After install of everything was complete I did notice the windshield had a small gap at the bottom like it wasn't sitting flush so I removed the bottom seal to find the slots for the two humps in the hood where not wide enough and they where hitting holding the windshield up about 1/4" so I removed a 1/4" from the windshield on the inside of each hump and reinstalled the seal to find the windshield sit flat across the bottom and sealed really good. Now I have the convenience of a full windshield when needed and a half windshield when desired but just unhooking and hooking a few straps. The best thing I like about this windshield is the ease of cleaning, unlike a full windshield where you have to reach inside and stretch to clean the top section with this windshield you just flip it down to clean the inside and then flip it up to clean the outside. You still have to reach inside to clean the inside of the lower section but with it being the lower section its pretty easy to clean. Watch video

Pro Armors Stealth Doors

These doors are really cool, they offer the protection of full doors with the convenience of the stock latch and the looks of a Stealth bomber. These doors are a light weight aluminum design that cups over the stock doors and uses mostly stock hardware to mount. These doors add height to the factory doors which makes for a safer feeling ride as well as an actual safer ride because of the added protection from debris. The stock quarter doors are light years ahead of the nets that came with the RZR's in years past but with the addition of these Stealth doors they are a lot better and safer. These doors are a little stronger than the Pro Armor door inserts so they do add a little more weight so if you want maximum protection while adding minimal weight this might be the best option for you. Watch install video

Pro armor xp1000/900s door inserts

One of the first things I noticed when Polaris released the new RZR was the quarter doors, they look good and function better than the old nets that came on the 800S but they don't do much for protection from debris being slung up by the tires nor from sticks or limbs on the trails but with the addition of these inserts they now do. The stock latches work great, the doors shut good and they open as and when they should so replacing the whole door is not necessary. These inserts are not designed to seal so there is a gap around them protecting the body plastics from rub marks but they are designed if a stick or something hits the panel it will deflect it off so it does not come in the cab. If you have had one of these bike long I am sure you have had the wet knee that is caused by water and mud being flung up by the front tire, these inserts solve the wet knee issue. These doors add very little weight so if you are looking for protection while still saving weight this might be the best option for you. watch video

Wiring my 900s

The accessory wire on the RZR is a small wire and although I love that it stays hot for a few seconds after the switch is turned off I wouldn't want to put much load on it so I wired up a fuse box under the hood. The accessory block was what seemed like a big deal for the new RZR so when I found the  battery and ground terminals where not connected I was a little surprised. Read More

Extreme Metal Products 2" Reciever hitch

With the RZR being pretty much a pure sport bike Polaris puts the small receiver hitch on it which is uncommon in most cases including mine. I have several hitches in the shop for the 2" as well as my truck uses a 2" like most of you I would assume. So EMP made this real simple design for us to convert our RZR's so we could use our 2" hitches. If this is the same case for you this is a great cheap alternative to buying different hitches for the small RZR receiver. Looking at this thing you might think that the rear diff fill plug would be hard to get to but if you remove the hitch from the receiver you can take a socket with an extension in through the receiver and get to the fill plug easily!  A good 2" receiver is one of the things I wish Polaris would include from the factory but since they don't EMP does!

watch video

The UTVINC Nerf Bars/Tree Kickers

With the body of these machines being built out of mostly plastic I like having tree kickers keep trees from getting in between the wheels and rubbing the body and these Nerf bars from UTVINC do just that. These bars are built strong and are real easy to install with factory hardware. These also give a good step to help get in the machine for my five year old twins. Another plus for these bars is when they rub on trees they are easy to touch up with some black paint. watch video

The UTVINC parking brake

Over the years something Polaris keeps over looking is a parking brake, the machines have a park which is great but on any kind of a hill it doesn't sound good when you have to jerk it out of park. This is not only hard on the trans but also stretches the shifter cable. The UTVINC solution is a simple cam lock that mounts to the power steering bracket under the dash and installs in minutes with the removal and installation of two bolts. Buckled up the cam lock can be hard to reach with your hand but I can operate it just as easily with my foot as I can with my hand so no issues here. In the end that depresses the pedal is a bolt that can easily be adjusted in or out if extra pressure is needed or vise-a-versa. This is  a simple device that can save a head ache and a lot of money  if used properly, personally I wish Polaris would wise up and install one of these from the factory. Watch video

Polaris Lock-n-Ride Cargo box

When it came to storage I found a lot of options but I wanted something that fit tight and would stay put so I went back to the dealer and picked up the Polaris Lock-n-Ride for the new 900's. This box is a little bigger than my 800 lock-n-ride box so it will hold a little more but there is not much room left in the bed area on each side of it. This box also has the lock-n-ride locking tabs on the outside of the box so if you choose to lock it up be sure it is heavy other wise even with it locked you can unlock it, pick it up, and take off with it. The two opening doors are pretty cool but one large door wold have sufficed. Over all a great box that is sealed pretty good and has a drain just in case it does get water in it.

watch video

Extreme Metal Products SmackBack Buggy Mirrors

First things first this thing had to have some Mirrors so I went to Extreme Metal Products and picked up a set of their SmackBack Buggy mirrors. I had a set of these SmackBack buggy mirrors on my 800S and loved them so I knew I had to have a set of them for this bike also, the really cool think about these mirrors is you only have to set them once. These mirrors  are spring loaded so once they are set if the mirror hits a limb or anything else on the trail with the bike going forward it will swing in to clear then once clear of the limb it will swing back out to the preset with out you having to do anything! Now these mirrors do not swing forward so if you are backing in a tight spot like a toy hauler  you can fold them in and lock them in  the inward position if needed. 

Extreme Metal Products 13" Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror

I also went to Extreme Metal Products and picked up their 13" Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror. This mirror is like the title implies a "wide Panoramic Mirror", the curve in this mirror offers a really wide angle view so if I am backing up  and I need to be able to see more direct behind me than the SmackBack Mirrors can give this mirror covers that area.

Extreme Metal Products Overhead Bag for XP1K and 2015 RZR 900

This bike has a glove compartment like the previous model and it actually has a better latch setup but it is always nice to have a little extra high and dry storage so I went to EMP and picked up their Overhead Bag for XP1K and 2015 RZR 900. This bag is real easy to install with four velcro straps and it had all kinds of differant compartments with zippers so you can keep everything separated and it even has a clear compartment for a smart phone so if someone calls I can look up and see who it is before unzipping the bag.

RacerTech RZR XP 1000 Baja Front Bumper

To protect the plastic front end of this bike I went to RacerTech and Picked up one of their RZR XP 1000 Baja Front Bumper. Putting this bumper together was a little time consuming considering all the little parts but it was well worth while in the end because all these little parts can be replaced separately if need be. This bumper is a heavy duty bumper that adds good looks and protection to the front of the bike while at the same time keeping a good approach angle and not adding a whole lot of weight.

watch video


For a roof for this bike I went to UTVINC and picked up their aluminum xp1000 roof. This roof is a very easy install and works great, it comes with some single sticky sided foam strips that go between the roof and the cage to keep it from rattling. This roof mounts with four screws so it installs and can be uninstalled in only minutes. I got mine in a black powder coat which showed up flawless. watch video

UTVINC Backlite switches!

When it came to wiring I knew I had to have atleast two switches, one for a horn and one for some LED lights! So I went to UTVINC and picked up two switches, one with a bugle horn and one with a double row led light bar. I also knew I needed access to more power other than just these two switches for a radio and what ever in the future so I mounted a marine fuse box under the hood and ran two number six wires from a circuit breaker right next to the battery up to the fuse box under the hood. Now with power and ground ran up under the hood I picked up a horn and wired it up at the same time.  These switches give you a couple different options to wiring up the back lite blue LED but I went ahead and wired mine so as to when I flip the switch on the light is lite up. Polaris knew we would be doing this so they made it real easy to add these switches. watch video

Baja Designs 8" ONX!

For lights I went to Baja Designs and Picked up one of their ONX 8" LED light bars to mount on the front bumper. I ran this light off my added marine fuse box and strait to the switch. This light was real easy to mount to the RacerTech light bar mount that I got with the bumper. The wiring was also real easy, Polaris left two little holes in the front end plastics which worked great to let the wires through and hide them at the same time. This little light maybe small and may only have four leds but don't let that foul you, with the placement of this light down low  and adjusted right it puts off a lot of good useable light.

Ebays Rukind Covers headlight eyes

I really like these headlight eyes, I think they give the bike a little more of a custom look. They do block a little light but considering how marginal the stock headlights are to begin with it didn't really hurt them. These are offered in several different colors but I went with the blue eyes to help give my bike the black and blue bruiser theme. This is another real easy install, especially seeing the stock lights are basically flat.