BMP Tuner

        A few years ago when side x sides where first released if you had 30 HP you where doing good but over the years and since Polaris first released the RZR the game has changed to say the least! From the 800S to the 900S you gain about 20hp from 55 to 75hp but with all the technology Polaris has they don't let us have the full potential of the 900 by governing the throttle. I figure they do this for a couple reasons, one because they keep us wanting more and over the years they can easily up the HP numbers without changing anything but the tune and two because of their race teams. They can up the power for their race teams with a simple ECU flash. Bikemans Performance was the first to discover this and offer an ecu flash to the public that adds 15+hp to the 900 platform for a total of 90+hp. There is a thread on RZR Forums about this and it has been going for nearly a year now with a lot of happy customers (check it out here). Personally I normally don't do anything like this but with all the good feedback and the addition of 15+ easy plug and play HP I had to give them a call!

    A few months back I picked up their Bully Dog tuner with the stage two flash which adjusts AFR for my exhaust system as well. The bully Dog is a simple plug and play, you plug it into the diagnostic port and supply power then follow the instructions for a quick and easy HP gain! I have the HMF full exhaust so I am sure I picked up more than just the 15hp from the tuner and I got to say it is a very noticeable increase! The Bully Dog setup from BMP does cost a little more than a reflash from some other companies but it is worth the price cost to me for a couple of reasons. One there is no down time and that means a lot to me, for most reflashes you have to pull your ECU and send it in to be reflashed then twiddle your thumbs till it returns in the mail. Two it has a performance tool where you can do 1/4 mile runs and check the performance of your RZR so if it feels down on power you can run against an earlier saved run and you can see if it actually is. You can also do a run before and after the flash so you can see how much of a gain 15hp adds! Three this tool can read and erase codes so you don't have to take it to the dealer! And much more. You can read more about this tuner on their website Click here!

In conclusion this tuner is awesome for more than just performance and is a valuable tool to have handy! Don't forget if you are a member of let them know this when you order for a good discount!