QuadBoss Drink Holder


    Over the past year I have learned the stock RZR cup holders are not only good drink warmers but also when riding rough it is hard to keep an eye on my drink to make sure it stays in the cup holder. When riding fast and/or rough I do not recommend anyone leave a drink in the factory cup holders because if the drink was to decide to jump out of the cup holder it could end up under your feet or worse the brake pedal. With this in mind I set out looking for a better option and what I found was these UTV Drink holders from QuadBoss. These Drink holders mount quickly and easily, they keep my drinks cold, and they keep my drinks in place!

These  are Insulated with closed cell foam and lined with nylon to keep drinks cold, they have a hook and loop velcro so they can easily be installed and removed in only seconds anywhere on the cage, the Rugged 600x600 denier polyester body material is colorfast, water repellent and UV-resistant. They also have a locking strap at the top so when you put your drink in it you know it will not only stay cold but it will stay in place even on the roughest trails.These are available in two different colors Black, which I choose, and Realtree Camo.

In conclusion if you like your drinks secure and cold this is a great way to go. And with a 12.99 price tag these are just to cheap not to try.

QuadBoss Drink Holder!