KFI Stealth 4500lbs Winch

I feel One of the most important accessories for a SideXSide is a good quality winch after all whats the chances of getting stuck in the woods? Pretty good huh? Or what if you are almost to the top of a big hill then you spin out? You then got two choices either back over the hill or just winch to the top.  On a ATV you can sometimes work to get yourself unstuck if you get hung up in the mud but generally on a sidexside if you get stuck you got to have some help either from another bike or from a good winch. For the winch for this build I went to KFI and picked up one of their 4500lbs stealth winches, and when they say stealth they mean stealth basically everything on this winch is black. I have been using KFI's winches for years now so I know they build good quality winches and unlike some other winches KFI builds their winches from almost all metal even the contactor is cast aluminum.

Going with the stealth theme I also picked up KFI's winch mount which also come in black so the winch is mounted under the hood and unless you were looking for it you would not know it was there.. Installing the mount and the winch along with the contactor was fairly simple but the wiring was another story.. The hard part for the wiring is always deciding where to run the wires so it not only looks good but so they are protected. I ran all my wiring along side the RZR's factory wiring harness and mounted both the remote mount and stationary rocker switches just to the left of the steering wheel so they would be easily accessible from inside or outside the cockpit (see video below for more info on this)..