AMR Racing Headlight eyes!

        In order to give the RZR a more custom and more aggressive look I went to AMR Racing and picked up a set of their Orange Eclipse head light graphics for the RZR.. These graphics are a pretty easy install only taking a few minutes and cleaning the head lights was the most time consuming.

        These are a screen type graphic meaning they have a lot of small holes cut through out the graphic which will allow the light to shine through when needed.

To install these graphics I took a soap and water solution and cleaned the headlights real good then dried them good with a lint free towel. The graphics need peeled off a backing then just placed on the headlight. Lineing up the graphic was the hard part but I found it best to line up the outside and the top as best I could and then work my way down and toward the inside. After applying the graphics and being satisfied with the look I went over them with a squeegee to make sure they were on good.