2018 RZR XP1K

    Over the last few months I've been looking at new sidexside's trying to figure out which one would suit us best in the woods. We had the Ranger and although a great machine it didn't have the suspension I was looking for in the trails! Over the years I have always liked the machines with a-arms and that's all I had ever owned but this go round I decided to give the trailing arms a shot. When I finally decided on the XP1K I went to Norris's and picked this beauty up. They call her paint scheme the Black Pearl But I'm calling her the Black Widow! It was late when we got home that night but the wife still wanted to ride so we fired up the Widow and rode about 40 miles of back roads and trails, we figured out real quick we needed a windshield from all the bugs attached to our face after the short ride! I told my buddies with this RZR I was just going to add the necessities because it was such a good platform to start with but after getting her home the mod bug had done hit and I started making the list of necessities!

QuadBoss 85l Expedition Cargo box

This is a universal cargo box that works in several different model RZR's as well as the wildcat just by using different mounting hardware. This box is a good size box and holds plenty of cargo (which you can see in this video). This box fits the RZR good and has two catches that hold the lid up no matter what kind of incline you are on so you never have to worry about it closing and hitting you in the head. Once closed it has two latches which hold it closed and secure.

Quadboss Blitz wheels and QBT446 tires

If you know me you know wheels and tires are a must! Not only can they completely change the looks of a machine but they can also change its attitude and I think this setup did just that! These Blitz wheels have a gloss black finish with a silver inlay that really sets them off and when you add the QBT446's to them with their aggressive truck style tread pattern and wrap around lugs its a winning combo! I ran the 446's on my 900S and they performed great on it so when it came time for tires for this machine I knew what I had to have. With the tight center tread design the QBT446's perform great and ride great on hard pack trails and with their wide spaced outer lugs they will perform well in the deep snow and mud. Not to mention these tires are 8ply rated with a tough carcass for a long lasting and durable tire.

Ricochet Offroad UHMW Skid Plates

For years now every toy I have had has been protected by Ricochet skid plates and the XP1K is no different! Only difference is the belly of this one is protected by the New Ricochet 1/2" UHMW skid plates instead of all aluminum. This kit still uses a little aluminum for rock sliders but the belly is all UHMW. Installing skids can be a headache due to all the hardware but luckily Ricochet simplifies everything by separating the hardware and labeling every bag as well as labeling every corresponding skid plate so you know exactly what it takes to mount each plate! You do have to drill two holes with this kit but its super easy and simple.

EMP Low Profile RZR Roof

This is a metal roof which was a necessity for me, I wanted a metal roof so I could mount my radio and other accessories with no issues! This roof was real easy to mount with some simple screws and clamps and it mounted secure with no rattles! This roof has gutters on both sides and the back that does an awesome job keeping the water from running down the your back or in the doors. I ordered mine in a matte black finish and I think it matched the theme of the rzr perfectly.

Seizmik's Universal UTV Rear View Mirror

    Like all of Seizmik's products this mirror is a step above in innovation with futuristic looks! You can also customize these mirrors with replaceable pieces that can be bought separately in various colors. This mirror has a wide view and plenty of adjustment for a good viewing angle. And best of all its backed by a lifetime warranty.

Seizmik's Versa Fold Windshield

     The first thing I did was install the Seizmik Versa Fold Windshield for the XP1K. The windshield was a real easy install and does a great job at not only keeping the bugs out of our faces but it also does a great job at keeping the cold and rain out. Plus its real easy to let down on those hot summer days when we need to feel the wind in our faces. Unlike some windshields this windshield comes all the way to the top to block all the wind coming from the front of the machine and by adding a second fold it even works with a light bar mounted below the roof line.