Other Mods

A Few other Items I have added

Mud and Guts Offroad Graphics

This is the number one mod....(lol) I ordered several graphics with the design from the rear of the shirts in 13inchx13.5inch to fit the center of the factory rear sliding window. I have also installed these on smaller trucks with solid rear windows. Plus I have added the "Mud and Guts Offroad" windshield banner... Pictures here..

ION 174 series wheels

I feel these wheels speak for themselves, they look awesome! I went to Travis tire in Tompkinsville KY for these wheels where they installed them and sent me out the door a happy customer. These wheels are a black bullet hole design with a machined "simulated" beadlock ring built into the wheel. Being black these wheels are harder to keep clean but really shine when they are.

Diamond Plate Toolbox

This was a must have for me, I always pack a set off jumper cables as well as a few other tools. This box and mounting brackets came from Autozone.

Tinted Windows

Shortly after purchase I took this truck to Edd's autotrim in Cookeville TN to see if they could tint the front door windows to match the factory rear tinted windows. They tinted the door windows with 20% and I must say it is an excellent match. While there I also had the windshield tinted to match in hopes off blocking out some blinding son and heat. Not only did they do a good job but the tint has made a big difference and a very worthy investment in my opinion.

Drop in bed-liner

After much consideration I decided on a factory Ford drop in bed-liner. I considered the brush on and spray on bed-liners but the bed of my truck has a few dents which would still show with anything but the drop in liners. I also wanted something that was removable so for me the drop in liner was a no brainer..

MasterCraft Courser A/T 2's

Shortly after purchasing this truck I decided I wanted and needed a little more aggressive set of tires. This truck will not be drove on any aggressive trails and most of its time will be spent on the paved roads. With this in mind I went to the local tire shop to see what they had to offer in a 285-75-16 (stock was 265-75-16) that would not only ride smooth on the road but would offer decent traction offroad. They had several tires in this size but after considering all my options I decided on the Mastercraft Courser A/T 2's. These tires have fairly deep lugs with a tight spaced tread pattern so they ride smooth at interstate speeds and with little if any noticeable noise. These tires have a decent bite when offroad, they are not a mud tire but they are the compromise I was looking for.

Bug Shield

This item attaches to the hood and not only gives your vehicle a more distinctive look but also makes cleaning much easier. This is because when bugs hit the automotive paint they tend to stick and sometimes require firm rubbing/scrubbing to remove them. Bugs are easily removed from one of these bug shields as well as bugs are less noticeable when on the shield as opposed to the paint.

Vent Visors/Rain Guards

Vent Visors allow you to have the windows down slightly even when it is raining without allowing the rain to get in the vehicle. Having the windows down allows fresh air to enter the vehicle which in return keeps interior temperatures down, making it more comfortable for occupants. Cooler temperatures also cause less stress on the vehicle interior. These are "in channel" which attach on the inside of the window channel and not on the paint as some do.