RacerTech Two Piece Cage

    When I first seen this cage I got to say I was not real fond of the looks but I loved the idea of the two piece design. Before purchase I did a little research looking for photos of this cage on other bikes but all I could find was the red RZR on the RacerTech website which had no roof nor windshield. In my mind I could see this cage on my bike with a few add ons and I liked what I could see so I decided to give this cage a try and now I am sure glad I did because not only do I have a tough cage that is easily taken apart but I love the looks with the roof and modified QuadBoss Windshield. I also modified my Cage extension by adding a few cage bungs and welding the upper solid to the RacerTech cage so it is a fast removal three piece cage setup.

    One of the really cool things about this RacerTech stock replacement cage is that each piece can be purchased separately and each piece will bolt in place of the stock cage half so if it isn't in the budget for a full cage a little safety can be added one section at a time. Plus in the incident of a roll over if one section of the cage is damaged it can easily be removed and replaced with no cutting or welding. And with this cage being a two piece design shipping is also cheaper than a full one piece cage because it can be shipped as a smaller package.

    The stock cage is .065 wall tubing and is not considered a cage by Polaris, I think they call it a frame extension. The RacerTech two piece cage is made of .083 wall which is a lot stronger and safer in the event of a roll over and it also adds rigidity to the chassis for a better handling and more predictable ride. The RacerTech cage is a little heavier than stock but I am still able to install and remove the sections by my self which I probably could not due with a full one piece cage. I plan on adding a couple of bars from the front section to the RacerTech bumper with a couple of cage bungs in them to stiffen the whole setup while still being easily removed.

    I have a soft roof that works with this cage and I assume most soft roofs will depending on how they mount but I also made a hard roof out of thin sheet aluminum and mounted it with several coated cage clamps from EMP and I installed some weather stripping between the roof and cage to insure a quite ride. I can still use the soft roof along with the aluminum roof when I need a little extra coverage but the metal roof will be the daily roof.