DWT Sectors and MOAPAs

DWT's new Sectors and MOAPAs

   These wheels are DWT's new Sectors which not only look amazing but are constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum and are designed to handle basically everything we can throw at them. These new Sectors are a three piece design which consists of two lightweight aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. This design allows separate replacement of each section of the wheel instead of having to replace the whole wheel due to a single piece failure. The three piece design of these wheels allows the outer and inner wheel halves to be swapped to change the offset for a narrower or wider track width if desired. These wheels are offered in 12" and 14" sizing with numerous offsets but I chose the 12" wheel with the 4+3 offset to keep my bike close to stock width. These wheels are offered in non-beadlock and beadlock, the bead-lock version like the ones I have here employ DWT's exclusive riveted steel nut plate system which allows for quick and easy thread fix if needed.

 Here is a short video of trying them out on day one.

 On these Sectors I mounted DWT's new Moapa's. These tires are 6 ply rated with a wrap around tight tread design which offers awesome traction in a wide variety of trail conditions. These tires slide predictable and handle great from the gravel roads to the smooth trails then step up and shine in the rough rocky trails with great traction and by absorbing the impact of the terrain creating a smooth comfortable ride. These 25 inch tires run a little short, my set when mounted on my rhino measures just over 24.5 inches tall. A short tire is good for high speed smooth trail riding but if you ride in very rocky conditions you may want to go with the 26 inch tall version for the added ground clearance..

In conclusion I feel this setup not only looks great but performs great and will be a big hit for use in a wide variety of trail conditions.

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