GBC's 29" Dirt Commanders

   When I seen the new 2015 RZR 900 lineup released I was to say the least excited, This new bike had a lot of upgrades that I had been saying for years the old 800 needed. One of the upgrades that the new 900S received was the factory installed 27" GBC Dirt Commanders! I have been running these tires for years on several different bikes with no issues, and if you have been following some of my reviews this is not the only tire I have been running but it is the one that I always fall back to due to its durability and functionality. I actually even had 27" Dirt Commanders on my 800S when I traded it  for the new 900S.

On my first ride in the new 900S I seen right away that the new power plant could really get the stock 27" tires spinning and I found myself  playing with the throttle a little to get the traction I needed in loose or slick terrain (plus it was just fun to break them loose) so shortly after when GBC released the new 29" Dirt Commanders I knew I had to have a set. Not only did I feel the bike had the power for this new 29" tire but the additional ground clearance would be awesome. I rode the stock 27" tires for several months while waiting on the 29" to hit the shelves so I got a real good feel for them on the 900s and I had put several miles on the 27" on my old 800s so I already knew kind of what to expect from the new tires. Don't get me wrong the 27" hook up like a 27" should and on the 800 I could keep it hammered with no worries but on the 900s the extra power could handle a much bigger tire and for rock crawlers like myself a bigger tire is better!

When I received the new tires I went to work mounting them right away (or at least after the twins made an obstacle course out of them). These tires are designed as replacements for the factory XP1000 tires so they are available in both 9" wide and 11" wide so that's just what I ordered. I ordered 29x9 for up front and 29x11 for out back, all for 14" wheels and I installed them on 4+3 offset Quadboss coersion wheels. My new setup makes the bike a couple inches wider than stock and personally I think it gives the bike a little more aggressive look. These tires mounted right up to my new 14" Coersion wheels without a hitch so shortly after we where taking measurements and checking clearances. I found these tires to be a true 29" tall so I gained a good 1" ground clearance for a total of almost 14" on my 900s (which also has the RacerTech spring kit). In these tires I run and have always run 12-15psi and have never had an issue with puncturing tires which is  unheard of for the places I ride and for the way I ride.

On the first ride with these new 29" tires I seen right away I could put more power to the ground and traction was easier to find. In most cases the launch actually feels stronger due to the extra traction but in hard biting terrain I can tell the power was slowed down a little by the bigger tires. In the rocks and rolling over down trees the extra tire height really helps to roll over obstacles where before the shorter tires would want to push the obstacle or kinda scotch the bike the new 29" tires just roll right over. In the loose stuff the ride feels more controlled now and seems to track a little straighter when hammered due to the extra traction and gear change of the bigger tires. These tires ride smooth on the road and in the woods with no shakes or shimmies.

In conclusion if you want a tough 8 ply 29" tall tire that can take some abuse and ride good while also putting the power to the ground these new GBC 29" Dirt Commanders may just be what the doctor ordered for you!