AMR Racing RZR Graphics

        When it comes to customizing an ATV or UTV in today's market the possibilities are endless and it don't matter if you are looking for performance, durability, or impressing looks. Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of work to my RZR trying to make it a more capable and more durable RZR so I finally decided it was time to give it a more custom look. We all know new wheels and tires are the easiest way to give a bike a new look as well as change the way it performs depending on how you ride but for a totally custom look new plastics, new paint, or a good quality set of graphics are the way to go. A set of shiny new plastics will give the bike a whole new look but they do not offer plastics with various designs in the built  in with various color schemes like you can get from a custom paint or a custom set of graphics. Custom paint can give a truly unique look but then you are at the mercy of the person doing the painting for quality and design and then you still have to worry about the paint flaking,scratching, fading, and not to mention the initial cost along with repair cost. Custom Graphics is probably the easiest and cheapest way to give a bike in today's market a whole new look not to mention you have so many options laid out on many websites like AMR Racing's website that you can view the graphics before ever deciding that you want to order them. Graphics have several advantages over new plastics and custom paint with the first being price and with today's economy we all know that is really a big concern. Next after customizing when the bike gets scratched and you want it to look new again with graphics you can just spend a few minutes to order and replace the piece that is scratched, with paint you got days in the shop waiting on the painter to get it in and get it repainted, with plastics you can simply order a new piece of plastics, or with paint or plastics you can simply order a set of custom graphics and cover it up while probably wishing that was what you had done in the first place. A couple more advantages of graphics is they can be removed and/or replaced at anytime plus they not only hide the plastic under it but they also protect it.

My RZR came from the factory with custom paint and graphics but the graphics where thin and only covered a small potion of the paint so they did not do a very good job of protecting it. The paint on my bike was chipping in several spots due to the plastic under it flexing on the trails and possibly lack of prep before paint so I decided it was time for a new look with a set of custom graphics. For my graphics I went to AMR Racing's website and looked over everything they had till I got a good idea of what I wanted. I then called and told them what I had in mind which was basically a black/blue theme and I told them I wanted the "Mud and Guts Offroad" tied into the new graphics.

When I received my graphics I was impressed, this was not my first set of graphics from AMR Racing so I already knew the graphics would be thick and of great quality but the colors they choose worked great with my "2013 Blue Fire RZR". As I opened up the kit I laid everything out trying to figure out where every piece went but with so many pieces I finally gave up on figuring it out and I started getting the RZR ready for applying the graphics. I removed all four fender flares because not only was the factory graphics under them but I knew I could not clean it thoroughly with them on the bike, I also removed the windshield and everything else that might get in the way of the graphics. I then washed the bike good with soap and water a couple of times before pulling it back in the shop to dry. After a little dry time I cleaned it good with rubbing alcohol to try and get anything left behind from the washings. Then before installing the graphics I cleaned it one more time as I installed them with a soap and water solution that I also used to ease the process of installation. Before applying the graphics I would spray a mist of the soap and water solution onto the area where I was going to apply the graphics which keep the graphics from sticking right away and allowed me to move the graphics around a little so I could get them just where I wanted them, the solution also allowed me to work out the air pockets being a little more forgiving than a dry install. Using this method requires a little more time for the graphics to dry and stick good but it makes for a better quality job. In my case I have the Pro Armor doors so I installed the door graphics first and everything else just lined right up as I went along. I got to say the Maier scooped hood was the hardest part due to the bends but it was well worth the time because it looks great when finished.  I do not know how many pieces are in this kit and I still have not figured out where some of them go but almost all of my factory paint is covered already with several pieces left.

In conclusion if you have a little patience and want to give your bike a whole new customized look  I feel this is a great way to go. I have had these graphics on several trails that do not see a lot of traffic so limbs and brush have rubbed the graphics and they still look as good as the day I installed them.

AMR Racing Graphics