Mod Quad Billet

ModQuad Billet Pedals


These pedals are awesome they not only look better than stock but actually feel better when in the trails. As you can see from the pictures at the bottom of the page these pedals are polished to a brilliant shine(the pictures do not do them justice). The allen head bolts on the pedals not only offer excellent traction they also keep your shoes from touching the polished aluminum pedals. These allen head bolts are also replaceable, you can replace them(from the local hardware) and polish the pedal assemblies to have a like new pedal assembly at any time. The gas pedal has a pivoting foot rest which makes it more comfortable when riding and is easily removable, which makes it easier to clean and easier to polish when you choose to do so.

This is a very simple install, you just remove a few springs and two clips to remove the stock pedals, then install the new pedals in reverse. I recommend cleaning your pedal pivot pins and greasing them good before installing the new pedals. Once installed the ModQuad pedals feel a lot more comfortable than the stock pedals. 


In conclusion:

If you have the money set aside for a set of pedals these pedals from ModQuad are an excellent option. The quality and detail of these parts are excellent and I feel would be hard to beat at anybody's standards.