RacerTech Chassis Sleeves

Its no secret the RZR is designed light weight with a high power to weight ratio compared to some of the other SidexSides out and sometimes this is a good thing but depending on how you ride this is not always the case. If you ride smooth gravel roads and putt putt around this modification may not be necessary for you but if you ride in the rocks, if you like to jump, and if your right foot gets heavy from time to time this maybe for you. I find myself letting my right foot get heavy in some cases where I should know better but I purchased this thing to have fun and ride how I want to, so I am trying to set this bike setup so it will hold up to the way I like to ride. One of the weak links on the RZR is the main frame tubes are made of thin wall tubing so these c-channel chassis sleeves from RacerTech add some serious strength to these tubes. This kit included two chassis sleeves and two end caps that only add about 8lbs to the weight of the RZR while adding a lot of strength to this weak link..

These tubes can be installed a couple different ways including bolting in and welding in. I choose to weld mine in because to me it is simpler than bolting in but they both serve the same purpose.. If you choose to weld yours in be sure and be safe because anytime you are welding there is a possibility of sparks going where you do not want them to go and fires are not a good thing! I also welded the cap over the rear of the tube then drilled a couple of small holes in that cap to give water a place to drain out if it gets in the frame.. I almost wish I had cut the caps in half and left the lower half open but I am going to try the small holes in hopes of a less chance of mud getting into the chassis tubes, if I have issues with mud getting in and stopping up the holes I will update and will most likely just drill some larger holes in the caps..

    In order to make this install go a little easier I cooled the RacerTech Sleeves to below freezing temps and then heated the chassis a little above room temp so the sleeves would slide in with out the use of a hammer.