Quadboss QBT446's Mounted on Scoville Boss wheels!

With all the power of the new RZR's it seems the tires just keep getting bigger and although I have not been a big fan of the 14" wheels over the years, with the larger tires I felt it was time to step up. For years the 27" tire mounted on a 12" wheel has been my go to setup on the RZR 800 as well as the rhino and I was content with that but on the new RZR S 900 I just keep wanting more! So for the 900 I picked up a set of 30x10-14" Quadboss QBT446 tires and a set of Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels. The QBT446's are an 8 ply rated tire with a tough sidewall and a great looking and performing wrap around tread design. I went with 30x10-14 on all four corners so I could rotate from front to back on occasion to make them last a little longer, this also allows rotating from side to side which offers a fresh biting edge. For the wheels I went with the 4+3" offset Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels with the chrome accents for a little extra bling and a little extra width for stability.

  Over the last few months I have had these tires in all kinds of different situations on the trails and they have always performed great with no issues. In the Rock and hard pack is where most tires of a similar tread design excel but its a little  different for these, the QBT446's have a wider tread spacing than most truck style UTV tires  so they not only excel in the rocks and hard pack but they also perform and clean out better than similar style tires when it gets wet out! Mounted on my RZR these tires measure almost 29.5" tall which is a little shy of the 30" mark but they feel about right on my 900 and when coupled with the RacerTech springs I have 14" of ground clearance and a great ride with no lift! Going from the stock 27" tires the taller 30" QBT446's are heavier as expected and  it takes more to turn them over but in my opinion the 900 out powered the 27" so it was a welcomed upgrade that added right at 1.5" ground clearance.

   I generally run 15PSI for fast paced and slow trail riding as well as rock climbing and it has been working great for me but with these tires it wouldn't bother me one bit to drop them a couple more pounds if needed in the slow technical stuff due to the tough carcass. In the rocks these tires grip and go, in the hard pack they grip and slide predictably, they ride smooth, they are wearing great, and in the mud they clean out great.

In conclusion if you are looking for a long wearing trail tire with a tough carcass that looks great and works great in a wide variety of terrain you will probably want to check these out! And with a lifetime structural warranty the Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels bring more than just bling!