Wheels and Tires!

We all know one of the first thing anyone does or wants to do to their bike is swap  wheels and/or tires!  It doesn't matter if you have had the bike for a week or a year a new set of wheels and tires can give the bike an all new look and can change its performance considerably in various terrains.  With this in mind I decided to create a page just for the wheels and tires that I have tried.

The Quadboss QBT446's mounted on Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels!

With all the power of the new RZR's it seems the tires just keep getting bigger and although I have not been a big fan of the 14" wheels over the years, with the larger tires I felt it was time to step up. For years the 27" tire mounted on a 12" wheel has been my go to setup on the RZR 800 as well as the rhino and I was content with that but on the new RZR S 900 I just keep wanting more! So for the 900 I picked up a set of 30x10-14" Quadboss QBT446 tires and a set of Quadboss Scoville Boss wheels. Read More!

QuadBoss's 14" Coersion wheels

   Over the years I have stayed away from 14" wheels due to the decrease in sidewall with a 14" wheel when compared to a 12" wheel. Reason being generally to little sidewall will end up with pinch flats and ruin good tires as well as to little sidewall will ride rougher in the trails because the tires have less give but when it came to this new rzr and with the new 29"tires only being offered in 14" I felt it was time to step up to a 14" wheel and with the tires being 29" I think I still have plenty of sidewall. Another Plus on the RZR the 12" wheel have been known to have clearance issues because they sit so close to the suspension components so the 14" will help open these places up a little for more clearance. For wheels I wanted something that would go with the current theme of the bike and I think these wheels do just that. Read More

GBC's 29" Dirt Commanders

When I seen the new 2015 RZR 900 lineup released I was to say the least excited, This new bike had a lot of upgrades that I had been saying for years the old 800 needed. One of the upgrades that the new 900S received was the factory installed 27" GBC Dirt Commanders! I have been running these tires for years on several different bikes with no issues, and if you have been following some of my reviews this is not the only tire I have been running but it is the one that I always fall back to due to its durability and functionality. I actually even had 27" Dirt Commanders on my 800S when I traded it  for the new 900S.

Read more!

GBC's 27" Mongrels!

We expressed our thoughts on this to GBC  a couple years ago and Thankfully GBC was listening to us, not only are they extending their lineup with larger tires for the bigger wheels but they are also extending their lineup with larger sizes for the 12" wheel! First they offered the 27" Dirt Commander and now the 27" Mongrels and who knows we may see them add some 28" to the 8ply lineup in the future!  Read More

QuadBoss Tire Sealant

     Over the last couple years I have ran the QuadBoss tire sealant in a couple different sets of tires including my lawnmower, my Rhino, and my RZR but until recently I did not know if it really worked or not. Read More

27" GBC Dirt Commanders for the 12" wheel

The Dirt Commander tire from GBC Motorsports is nothing new, it has been proving itself for years to have excellent performance as well as durability but last year on facebook and by other means we told GBC we wanted a durable 8 ply tire in 27" sizes for a 12" wheel so shortly there after GBC gave us what we ask for by adding the 27x9 and 27x11 Dirt Commanders to their line up. Read More

12" DWT Nitros "American Made"

After a few months in the seat of the RZR I decided it was time for a new set of wheels so I went to DWT and Picked up a set of their black Nitros in 12"x7". These wheels are powder coated cast aluminum with a plastic center cap that pops in from the inside. They look awesome and give the RZR a stealth look but these wheels are about more than looks. Read More.

GBC Mongrels

The First thing I did to this bike was replace the tires, I have always been a big fan of GBC's 8 ply tires and I have had a lot of luck with them in the past so when I seen they were coming out with a new 8 ply rated DOT approved high speed rated tire I had to have a set. These tires have a deep rim guard and a tight tread design so they should prove to not only be tough and very puncture resistant they should get excellent traction on various terrain and really excel on the hard pack.  See More.

Installing the Dirt Commanders on the Diablo Beadlocks.

GBC's Dirt Commanders

Upon receiving these GBC Dirt Commanders I went right to work inspecting  them. And The first thing that caught my eyes was the unique tread design, the center lugs are check mark shaped while the complimenting outer lugs slightly wrap around the tire for an awesome side bite. Read More.

DWT's Black Diablo Beadlocks

Looking for a change and to add a little bling to the rhino I went to DWT Racing and picked up a set of their Diablo Beadlocks with the black finish from their selection of litecast wheels. Read More

QuadBoss's MudBoss Tires

  So where do I start? These tires are awesome, they look good and perform great in most any terrain. The tires I opted for are the 26" tall version with 26/9/12's up front and 26/11/12's in the rear and unlike most these tires mounted on the rhino with 15psi actually measure a true 26" inches tall. Read More

DWTs new MOAPA's mounted on their new Sector beadlocks

These wheels are DWT's new Sectors which not only look amazing but are constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum and are designed to handle basically everything we can throw at them. These new Sectors are a three piece design which consists of two lightweight aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a stylish billet center. Read More.

MotoSport Alloys Platoon wheel and MotoGrip Tire kit.

 For starters this combo looks awesome, the unique design of the wheels and tires are a big plus in my opinion. As we all know there are a lot of Rhinos in the woods and in order to make mine and yours stand out in the crowd we got to customize. We all know there is no better nor easier way to do that than a new set of wheels and tires. Several manufactures such as Motosport Alloys are always looking for ways to help us customize our Bikes, as well as make them perform to our riding needs. Read More

DWT Diablos.

With all the other modifications I have made to my Rhino, I decided it was time for a new set of wheels. I set out looking for a set of wheels that would not only offer stability to my rhino but would also compliment all the other added accessories and give my rhino a new attitude in the looks department.  Read More.  

GBC's Grim Reapers.

   I got to say these tires look tough and with there deep aggressive tread pattern, their 8 ply rating, and a name like GRIM REAPER they got to be. Not to mention the first tire to ever complete the Baja 1000 on a UTV was GBC's Grim Reapers (the second was GBC's  Dirt Commanders).  Read more.