Project F-150

Project F-150

  This is my 1992 ford f-150 extended cab four wheel drive. I purchased this truck as my Toy Hauler several years ago and since then it has been a very reliable Truck. But over the years I have been neglecting it and letting small problems pop up without fixing them. I have finally made my decision to give my current truck the attention it deserves. I am going to not only be looking to make this truck perform better but in the end look better. There are several items I plan on adding to this truck from power adders to attention grabbers. This truck is a 5.0 and currently pulling 33 inch tires so beefing up a few components, doing a little maintenance, and adding a little power is a necessity for what I need it to do.

B&M shift kit

My truck had developed a very harsh 1-2 shift along with a very sluggish 2-3 and 3-4 shift so I decided when changing the fluid I would also install a shift improver kit. This B&M kit comes with a set of red and a set of green springs. The red springs are for street/strip applications and the green springs are for heavy duty towing applications. I installed the green springs, once installed this kit has replaced my harsh 1-2 shift with a firm(much improved) shift. It has also replaced my sluggish 2-3 and 3-4 shifts with a nice firm and quick shift. Manual down shifting is also a faster firmer shift than before.

March Underdrive Pulleys

These Pulleys were a very simple install (I used my 3/8 impact wrench). On my truck I had to get a 2 inch shorter belt, The belt I am now running is 89.5 inches. After installation my power steering and alternator are working fine. For performance at low RPM's I can't tell much difference but out on the road revving 2500+ it does pull a little better, plus the motors exhaust sounds smoother when cruising. Picture these pulleys compared to stock.


Ever since I purchased this truck I have not liked the exhaust due to the restrictive bends going over the rear differential and around the spare tire. The exhaust on this truck was traveling the length of the truck and exiting at the rear of the truck below the rear bumper with 3.5 inch chrome tips. With just a little work, some 2.25 inch pipe, and a little time I cut the exhaust right behind the cab, removed the pipes that crossed the rear end, and then fabricated some turn outs that now exit on the passenger side of the truck right in front of the rear tire. Picture of this setup.

Sliding rear window

I have always been a big fan of the sliding rear window but unfortunately in an extended cab pickup they do not serve as great a purpose. They do have a purpose however even in an extended cab pickup, they will allow access to the cargo in the bed as well as help circulate air and keep you cooler in the summer. In an extended cab you just have to remember to open it before the trip or stop along the way to open or close as needed.

Window Tint

This item not only helps smooth out the look of a vehicle but also helps block unwanted rays from the sun. I tinted my rear slider, my two small side windows, as well as a small strip on the windshield 5% for maximum protection.