Seizmik Rhino Doors


Seizmik Rhino Modular Door System

      If you ride fast and hard then these doors are for you, they not only look good but they also help protect the driver and passenger. The quality of these doors is top of the line, constructed from strong 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and super light, weighing in at only 5.5lbs per door and 2.5lbs for each Mounting plate for a total of only 16lbs. These doors come with optional skins to block additional mud and the chill for cold weather riding which can easily be installed and or removed in case of changing weather conditions. Another option from Seizmik is the upper door section, which when added to the skinned lower door section make a remarkable seal to block cold air from coming into the cab of your rhino for those really cold days. And with door latches on the inside as well as the outside getting in and out is also a snap there is no  fumbling around trying to find the latch, it is in the exact position it needs to be.

   Mounting these doors was a little time consuming as it should be because of their quality and tight fit. These doors come with complete instructions and all mounting hardware, but one thing I did encounter was the lower mounting plate screws lined up with the original factory door mounting holes so they had to be re-drilled to enable the use of the supplied self tapping screws, which was a very easy fix. I only had to drill two holes in the aluminum mount itself. After the mounts are secure take your time mounting the striker and lining up the door for a smooth easy latch (keep in mind the latch itself is adjustable so if the striker is slightly out of position after mounting you can adjust the latch itself). After the aluminum doors are mounted and fully functional it is time to install the skins (if needed) which is a very easy task by attaching the Velcro straps on the skins themselves.  One of the best things about this setup is once the initial setup is done the doors and door skins can easily be removed and or installed within minutes at anytime if needed.

   In conclusion with the riding I do here in the hills of Tennessee I feel these doors will prove to be a worthy investment.


Upper doors will not work with QuadBoss Slimline Roof.