Other Modifications

Other Modifications

Keep in mind my Rhino is a 450

EMP A-arm Skid plates---Offers Excellent protection with drain holes for when you play in the mud and water.

                                         Removed to install the full set of skids from Ricochet.

EMP Top half windshield---Excellent option that is easily removable when not needed.

Modified Clutch Sheave------Yielded a slight increase of low end performance as well as took my top speed from 37 up to 41mph. 

EPI 12gram clutch weights and blue clutch spring---Yielded a slight increase in acceleration and held the same 41mph top speed.

Big Gun CDI------------------------------Yielded 42 mph top speed on flat and 44-45 on a slight decline. Works great at raising the forward rev-limiter but does still feature the stock reverse rev-limiter.

Big Gun exhaust-------------------------Added 1mph to top speed (43 on flat)and added slightly more acceleration.

Update: Went back to stock exhaust after about 400 miles.


Dynojet jet kit-----------------------------Added slightly more bottom end and better acceleration.

All the above mods was with stock tires.

26inch tires-----------------Cost 1mph top speed bringing it back down to 42 on flat, but also yielded 1 inch more ground clearance.

Yamaha half windshield---------------Excellent product yielding slight protection from the cold as well as limbs, mud, and other


Day Star MX Grab Bar-----------If you can find one of these they are cheap and an Excellent addition to any Rhino. This bar will

also work with the Yamaha half windshield with a slight modification to the bar.

Munchkin Baby mirror---------Excellent investment cost me 5$ at wal-mart in the baby section. Attaches to the roof with velcro. Requires a little super glue to keep it from moving around. Removed to make room for the QuadBoss overhead stereo compartment.

Tusk rear window-------An excellent investment that is easily added and removed as needed.