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Radiator Guard

  Here in the hills of Tennessee, on occasion I find myself having to make a new trail, sometimes to get around an obstacle in the main trail and sometimes building a new trail altogether. When doing this the radiator could and will take some serious abuse if it is not protected. Knowing this I went to Extreme Metal Products  looking for a radiator guard. Finding they had several to choice from I decided on a bolt on steel Radiator Guard.

 After receiving this product, I found it to have excellent quality with precision cuts and a powder coated finish. Installation was very simple, I first put a jack under the front of my Rhino to take a little weight off the suspension so I could remove the two front upper a-arm bolts and re-install them in reverse with the threads facing the front of my bike. Next I just slide the guard into position,  With the guard in position I then reinstalled the original nuts onto the upper a-arm bolts and using the supplied hardware mounted the top of the guard to the frame.

In conclusion, this is an excellent product that I highly recommend if you ride off the trail on occasion and for the price it is a cheap insurance policy for that expensive radiator and oil cooler.


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