Bleeding brakes

Bleeding Brakes

To bleed manually.

1.  First check to insure proper fluid level.

2.  Start with the closest caliber to the master cylinder (if you are planning on bleeding the whole system).

3.  Have a good friend pump the brake pedal several times(5-6) then hold it with mild pressure.

4.  While they have it held open the brake bleeder screw on the caliber(looks similar to a grease fitting).

5.  When you loosen the bleeder the pedal should go to the floor and they should hold it there till you have the bleeder tightened.

6.  After tightening the bleeder tell them to pump the pedal again (5-6 more times).

7.  Check fluid

Repeat this sequence several times at each brake till you have good pedal.

If your brakes still feel spongy after several bleeding procedures you may need to consult a professional.