2017 Ranger Full Size 570!

Over the last few years if you have been keeping up with my builds and videos you probably already knew that the RZR was getting a little cramped for me and my twins so I set out several months ago looking for our next big build rig! I looked at several four seaters and didn't really like the added length but it was looking like that was the direction I was going to go until I found the full size Rangers had three seat belts. No the Ranger is not the only one that offers three wide but with a budget in mind nothing else really compared to the ranger. And honestly I really like the idea of the twins being right beside me.

When I finally I made up my mind on December 30, 2016 I called Randal Norris of Norris Supercycle and made a deal over the phone so when I got to the shop all I had to do was sign a few papers and my new Ranger was ready to go. My first ride in the ranger was when I loaded her up on the trailer that night and although it was a big difference from the RZR the little 570 had a lot of pep compared to a few vehicles that I have had in the past. First impressions going from a RZR to the Ranger is like going from a car to a truck, no more falling in and climbing out just step in step out and go! The suspension is not like the RZR but for the speed I run with my babies on board the Ranger rides great and is much better suited for my needs around the farm and for the family. The Ranger like the RZR although an awesome machine is not perfect by no means so we have a few plans to make her better over the next few months so hang around to find out more as "we make it ours!".

Bikemaster TruGel Battery! MG12-32L

Its no joke the stock battery in the ranger works but it is tiny and rated at only 14 amp hours! The first time I seen this battery I knew it had to go when I started adding accessories so I set out looking for an easy upgrade and what I found was this Bikemaster MG12-32L fit the battery box perfectly. The issue I had with this upgrade was the rubber strap would no longer work with this batter due to it taking up the whole battery box so i went to the local hardware store and picked up some 1/2" wide steel plate. I took this steel and bent it around the battery to form a battery box then I tack welded it together, sprayed it with some bedliner, and bolted it to the frame. I did have to drill one hole for the lower support but the other one bolted to an existing hole in the frame. Now the ranger starts a little faster and I have no worries of being stranded due to the small stock battery.

Quadboss HID lights!

When it comes to riding at night the stock headlights are minimal to say the least so I set out looking for a light setup that would work great while also not using a lot of amperage so it doesn't over due the stock charging system and this is what I came up with. On the front I went with two of Quadboss's 3" cubes and one of their 13.5" double row light bars, this setup is rated at only 60watts! Then I installed two of Quadboss's 3.5" bars on the back for backup lights and I picked up two of Quadboss's wiring kits to make everything an easier and cleaner install. I didn't use the switches that came with the kits however, with the ranger having the knock outs for toggles I ordered a couple toggles from amazon that fit the dash and used them for powering the setup. This lighting setup works worlds better than the stock headlights and it does it with very little amp draw.

Ricochet Offroad Hybrid skid Plates!

Over the years everything I have had has been protected by Ricochet aluminum skid plates but with their new line of hybrid skids out I had to try a set. Install was fairly strait forward and every piece was labeled where it went as well as had its own bag of hardware which was really nice and made installation really easy. Personally I am a firm believer in aluminum skids as UHMW flexes and could allow damage to critical components from a hard rock hit but with the combination of the two it is the best of both worlds! You get the strength of the aluminum and the quit glide of the UHMW. If you ride offroad a good set of skids are a cheap insurance policy in my opinion because the undercarrage of these machines are extremely vulnerable with very little protection.

Quadboss small cargo box!

This little box is smaller than the crossover boxes and works perfect for several uses while taking up very little room. I picked this box up to use for my air compressor and plug kit and it worked perfect for that but I lost it to the twins. I moved my compressor and plug kit to the crossover box with my tools and now my twins use this box for chips and what not when we go riding and it works great for that as well. So if you need a small storage box for necessities check it out!

The Quadboss CrossOver cargo boxes!

These boxes are awesome, they are super easy to install and remove so if you ride on the weekends and work through the week or vice versa its no issue to take them out then put them back in when the time comes to go riding. I bought the ranger because of the three seat belts so me and my twins could ride around home on the weekends and work in the garden and around the house through the week and these boxes work perfect for us. These boxes are big enough we can put all the tools we need in one and our cooler with extra dry clothes in the other. These boxes just drop in the lock and ride holes and sit there until they are picked up and removed. I am not an aggressive rider with my twins with me but we have road several miles and these boxes have never moved unless I wanted them to!

DrangonFire Racing Steering wheel and Quick Release!

Ever go over night riding and think I hope this sidexside is still on the trailer the next morning? No matter what you ride if you have spent the night in a hotel with your sidexside on the trailer you have thought about this and yes thats why we have insurance but who want to deal with that hassle? Well most thieves are to lazy to work so if they show up and the steering wheel is missing their is a good chance they will keep walking! Depending on what you ride it is sometimes nice to be able to remove the steering wheel for easier entry and exit of the vehicle so this quick release is handy for several reasons and for the steering wheel it not only looks good but it is also a lot more comfortable than the stock piece of plastic.?

DragonFire Racing Fire extinguisher and mount!

For the utmost in safety everyone needs a good fire extinguisher and a good way to mount it! I have seen several different mounts over the years but this is by far the quickest to access I have seen, one simple pull pin and the fire extinguisher is free! It is nothing new that when you wrap plastic around a hot motor or when you get dry dead leaves up next to the exhaust a fire could happen at any time so if you don't have a fire extinguisher I highly recommend you get one and practice taking it off and on, it could save your machine someday. Not to  mention it could save you a long walk to the truck. I highly recommend an easy access such as this from DragonFire, it is really simple to use and can be used from machine to machine if you decide to trade up in the future!

HighLifter Arched and forward offset a-arms!

Going from the stock wheels and tires to the 27" Quadboss I found the new tires rubbed a lot to say the least so I went to Highlifter and picked up a set of their forward offset max clearance a-arms and it cured the issue. I gained over two inches of forward clearance and I actually think I could even go with a little bigger tire now. If you need extra clearance I feel this is an excellent way to get it!

Quadboss Grinder wheels wrapped with 27" Quadboss 846 DOT tires!

Everyone who knows me knows I think tires are a very important part to any ATV or SidexSide, not only do they make the ride more appealing but they also make the ride a lot more enjoyable with trouble free, worry free miles. The stock tires are a very soft thin rubber design and although they get decent traction they wear really fast and are really easy to puncture. Knowing this I went to Quadboss and picked up a set of their 27" 8ply rated DOT approved QBT846 tires. Not only are these tires tougher, longer lasting, and smoother riding but they are also taller which improved my ground clearance over the stock tires. These tires have a wrap around tread design to help in the deep ruts and they have a deep rim guard to help protect the lip of the rim. These tires are designed for the pavement and the hard pack so they are not the best mud/snow tires but they do great in the rocks and  hills of Tennessee when its not to swampy! These tires are not offered in 12" to fit the stock 12" wheels so I picked up a set of the Quadboss Grinder wheels in 14" which looks awesome on the Ranger wrapped with the new tires.  On these wheels I went with 14x7 with a 4+3 offset which makes the ranger a couple inches wider seeing the stock wheels are +2" offset. For lug nuts be careful, coming from the RZR I expected the studs to be 10mm but they are not, mine has a standard 3/8" thread.  Everyone who has been riding long knows its no fun riding in on a flat when you are many miles from the truck in no mans land and I am confident these tires will get us there and back with no issues. These tires do rub a little on the front of my ranger when the steering is at full lock but I don't want to go smaller due to loosing ground clearance so I am in the process of looking for forward offset arms to add a little clearance or possibly a little lift kit so stick around to find out!

Seizmik Soft rear cover

Back on the budget I picked up a Seizmik universal rear soft cover with window to help hold the heat in and the wind out. This is a real easy to install and remove rear cover that works really good to keep the cab more comfortable on the colder days plus it keeps rain from hitting you in the back when mother nature decides to water her plants. This cover has several straps that wrap around the cage and velcro to itself for a real easy removal if you decide you need a little more air out on the trails and an easy install for when the day nears end and the cooler night temps set in.

Seizmik Rear Dump Bed Rack

Over the last couple years we have been doing a little camping and the RZR was never big enough to haul everything we needed and although the ranger has a much larger bed area and can haul a lot more cargo this rack is nice to help keep everything organized. I think with this new setup with the big ranger bed and Seizmik rack this year we will have no issues hauling everything we need to and from the campsite as well as keep it organized so we can find what we need without to much digging. Another great feature of this rack is the rack itself is easily removable to offer the full bed space for hauling cargo when needed plus it leaves the outer structure attached which acts as side rails to help hold taller cargo in the box.

Seizmik Pursuit Mirrors

So far with this build I have been trying to stay on a budget but for mirrors I knew they needed to be tough because they take a lot of abuse in the woods hitting limbs and what not so I went with the Seizmik Pursuit mirrors. These mirrors are not the cheapest but when it comes to mirrors cheap usually doesn't last long around here. The pursuit mirrors are a tough cast aluminum design with an aluminum combined with steel mounting bracket for a super tough housing that protects the mirror itself from damage. These mirrors have a lot of adjustment so they can be used on a wide variety of sidexsides and can be mounted basically anywhere on the cage to suit most everyone's needs. If by chance you do bust a mirror somehow Seizmik backs them with a lifetime warranty so no worries just send back the broken part and they will replace it free of charge.

EMP Universal Roof

Next to help block the chill and the rain I picked up the EMP universal roof. This is a two piece roof that extends and retracts to fit several different models. This is another budget add-on, it is a cheaper alternative to a custom fitted roof designed just to fit the Ranger. Being universal it takes just a little longer to install but honestly not bad at all for the money saving over a custom fit roof plus if you change model units later there is still a chance this might fit the other unit as well. This is a plastic roof that I let over hang just a little on both sides along with front and rear for just a little extra rain blockage for those days we get caught up in the rain.

EMP Full Windshield

The first thing I had to do seeing its winter time is warm up the cab by blocking a little wind. For this I went to Extreme Metal Products and picked up their full windshield for the Ranger. This windshield works with the round tube frames like mine but not for the ProFit cages. This windshield is a cheap alternative to their more expensive and coated windshields but can still last a long time if maintained properly and cleaned correctly. Main thing is hose off any mud and rocks with a hose and not with a rag, and finally use a soft rag for finally washing. This windshield was a real easy install as you can see from the video.