QuadBoss 14" Coercion

    Over the years I have stayed away from 14" wheels due to the decrease in sidewall with a 14" wheel when compared to a 12" wheel. Reason being generally to little sidewall will end up with pinch flats and ruin good tires as well as to little sidewall will ride rougher in the trails because the tires have less give but when it came to this new rzr and with the new 29"tires only being offered in 14" I felt it was time to step up to a 14" wheel and with the tires being 29" I think I still have plenty of sidewall. Another Plus on the RZR the 12" wheel have been known to have clearance issues because they sit so close to the suspension components so the 14" will help open these places up a little for more clearance. For wheels I wanted something that would go with the current theme of the bike and I think these wheels do just that.

    These wheels have a gorgeous matte black finish with a chromed center cap, chromed simulated beadlock studs, and with the new chromed lug nuts they offer a little unexpected bling. These wheels came in a 4+3 offset which makes the rzr 2" wider over all and 1" wider per side. This is because the stock 12"wheels are 4+2 offset up front and 6+2 offset out back. Some people don't like the extra width of the 4+3, they think an extra 2" will hinder riding in certain places and it could but personally I like the extra width and I have rode some tight trails with no issues going where everyone else goes. The extra width does help when riding fast trails for just a little added stability. Another plus of all the wheels being the same width is they can be used on all four corners so I ordered a spare and installed an extra front tire on it so it can be used anywhere on the rzr, front or rear. 

When it comes to wheels for the RZR there is a lot of options seeing the 800 has been around for so long and they all use the same bolt pattern, but. The new 900 and 1000 use a 12mm stud where the older rzrs had the small 3/8" stud. Where a lot of wheels have a 12mm hole for the stud which will not allow the 12mm stud to fit without modifing the new Coercion wheels where designed with a 13mm hole so they fit  just fine on the new rzr's! The Coercion wheels where designed with a smaller pocket for the socket than the new rzr's so a smaller lugnut that uses a 17mm socket does need used. The new 900S lugnut that took a 19mm socket would fit inside the wheel but it didn't have enough room left for a socket. To solve this I just ordered a set of lug nuts that where made for the 12mm stud and that used a 17mm socket. The new lugnuts did the trick and I was quickly mounting the wheels on the rzr.