Baja Designs 2x Squadron's and 2x SII's

    If you own an ATV or SidexSide and have ever rode at night I am sure you have found the stock headlights to be marginal at best. As I found the same I went to Baja Designs and Picked up 2 of their new Squadrons and 2 of their SII's for my RZR. This setup offers amazing light output from a really small package so it is easily protected by my Pro Armor front bumper. These Squadron lights are a 3"x3" 4 LED design while the SII's are a 3"x2" 2 LED design so they are small and can be mounted almost anywhere the extra light is needed.

To mount the Squadrons I used the existing light mounts on my Pro Armor Bumper but for the SII's I drilled two small holes on the bar just below the Squadrons. The slot where I mounted the SII's was a perfect height for the SII's to offer maximum protection while offering maximum light out put. For Maximum light output you want the lights to be as low as possible and as close to the front as possible.

These Squadrons are as mentioned a 4 LED design that offers 3,600 Lumens while  drawing only 42 watts and weighing in at 12oz per light. The SII's are a two LED design that offers 1,800 lumens while drawing only 22 watts and weighing 8oz per light. These lights are waterproof, submersible to 3 meters and come with Baja Designs lifetime warranty. These lights  have a built in heat sink and are rated at a 25,000 hour life expectancy.

Baja Designs Squadrons

Baja Designs SII's

Below is some great info that I copied from Baja Designs about their lights:

uService Technology – user replaceable lenses and optics.  Our unique use of o-ring seals and individual reflectors allows the consumer to change the front lens or even the reflectors.  As a result, BD Lights will truly last a lifetime and will always be the pattern that the customer wants.


ClearView Multiform Optics – 6 patterns available so the light is put right where the consumer needs it.  Patterns available: Spot(round), High Speed Spot(narrow round), Standard Driving/Combo(combination of spot and oval or rectangular optics), Wide Driving (rectangular), Wide Cornering (wider, shorter rectangle) and Flood/Work (wide diffuse round).  The Standard  Driving/Combo for the OnX and Stealth LED bars is the optimal combination of the above patterns as determined by the scientists at BD.


CopperCore Thermal Management System – Copper Core boards transmit heat from LED’s 60% more efficiently than Aluminum boards - a technology that allows BD to be one of the only companies that can safely run high powered LEDs at full power and brightness.  BD’s CopperCore™ boards are combined with an aircraft grade, computer designed aluminum heatsink. Next, a thermal gap pad is added to efficiently transfer heat to the heat sink and provide vibration dampening. Lastly, computer controlled thermistors constantly monitor the temperature at the LED to ensure brightness and longevity.