Ricochet Skid Plates

   When on the trails I like to ride and ride hard so I don't like to have to worry about every little stick or rock and it seems No matter how careful you try to be there will be times when it seems that rock just comes out of nowhere and without proper protection carnage can happen in a number of ways! Over the past several years I have depended on Ricochet Offroad Armor to protect my equipment and with the RZR it is no different! From the factory the RZR has very little skid protection with the factory plastic undercarriage skid and it has basically no axle boot protection so I went to Ricochet Offroad Armor and picked up their total Protection package for my RZR in anodized orange.

The Ricochet skids are a heavy duty thick aluminum construction with bends and cuts that allow them to protect as much as possible so they do add a little more weight than some other skids but to me the added protection is well worth the extra weight. These skids I picked up in anodized orange so they do look awesome but unlike some skids there is no little designs cut in these skids, these skids are solid with only the necessary drain holes to help them offer maximum protection from rocks as well as sticks and anything else that could damage the a-arms, axles, and etc!

The fitment of these skids was top notch, no modifying was required to add these skids they just bolted on with the supplied hardware. The three piece belly skids used the stock mounting locations along with a couple little tabs that came with the kit for an easy bolt on install. The a-arm guards and floorboard Guards/Rock Slider combo was also an easy install with all the necessary hardware included with the kit. All The hardware that came with this kit was separated and attached to the set of skids that required that hardware so there was no guessing as to what went where.