RacerTech Lift

 I usually am not a fan of lift kits due to the excess strain most of them put on the joints in the axles plus a lot of them end up being the weak link of the suspension, But when I read this kit from RacerTech could supply lift without changing the angle of the CV's at full drop of the suspension and would increase the strength of the suspension at the same time I was intrigued.. This kit includes two pieces of formed steel the sandwiches the rear frame, includes a one piece welded kit for the front, and includes all bolts and hardware for installation. The front kit is a real easy install but the rear requires a little more time and requires drilling four holes in the frame that ties everything together.

Before installing this kit I took several measurements and again after install I took measurements from the same locations to find that the CV angles had not changed from the original stock measurements at full drop. Most issues with lifts is the increase in the angle on the CV causes the cv's to bind and wear out much sooner than without the lift but with this kit from RacerTech this is not an issue. Instead of gaining lift by simple lowering the upper shock location they changed the geometry for the better and that geometry change is what gives the lift and not only does it give the lift but it gives a firmer more stable ride. By changing the geometry  it takes less effort from the springs to hold the bike at ride height so the stock springs actually act stronger which gives the lift that is gained and a the more stable feel.

With this lift on my new bike I gained 1/2" of ride height which is not a lot but my springs have not sagged yet so if yours have sagged you might gain more from the relieved stress.  With this lift I am liking the idea of more ground clearance without the issues that come with most lifts but the stability gained is the main reason I installed this lift. With the stability I gained I decided to remove the sway bar so I could let the independent suspension do as it should and I gained over four inches of articulation which will prove to be nice in the rough stuff..