UTV INC Bumper/Cage Extension

     Much like the front the rear of the RZR has very little to no protection and when in the woods you never know when a good friend might bump you from behind on accident or you might accidentally back into something on the trail causing expensive and undue damage to the bike. For this reason I  went to UTV INC and Picked up one of there Rear Bumper/Cage Extension combo's! This setup is made from 1 3/4" .095 wall steel tubing and powder coated for a durable finish. UTV INC offers several options so this setup can be customized, on my setup I went with the standard Bumper cage extension combo in black powder coat. This cage extension offers rigidity to the bike by connecting the rear frame to the upper cage  and the bumper offers protection of the rear plastics and tail lights. The rear mount on this setup attaches to the frame and ties to both rear lower a-arm's adding frame support and strengthening another weak point from the factory setup.

This kit comes with all the hardware needed for install and I consider it an easy install. My install was a little more complicated due to the rear window but it still took less than an hour, and a lot of that time was spent deciding how to cut the window to clear the new cage extension.

The upper section of this combo attaches to the factory cage with two heavy duty clamps which each have 6 allen bolts. The lower section attaches to the rear lower a-arm mounts with included hardware and attaches to the rear chassis with also included hardware.

During first service I noticed a couple things with this setup and made a couple modifications in order to make it better. The first was my rear diff was moving under load causing it to hit the plate that mounts the cage extension to the frame, to remedy this I cut a small notch in the top of this plate where the diff was hitting. Secondly the oil fill plug was really hard to get to with this setup so I cut a small notch in the bottom of this plate to allow  a 3/8" drive extension to be inserted at an angle so it could be used to remove the fill plug. The fill plug will not fit through the notch it is just big enough for the extension. These notches need to be made with the cage extension off so during install you might want to check this out and make the notches before install.