Baja Designs HIDs

Baja Designs 6" Prerunners

 A couple months ago I installed a set of stock replacement HID's from SidexSide Customs which was such an improvement over stock it yielded my bumper mounted halogen lights useless. This got me to wondering just how a good set of larger HID's would do mounted to my Pro-Armor Baja style bumper. After doing some research I went to Baja Designs, one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of lights for the offroad industry and found they offer 6" PreRunner HID's with the same lifetime warranty as all their lights. These six inch Prerunner lights feature Baja Designs exclusive three point vibration isolated mounting system and aluminum “Aim-n-Go” quick adjust knob. The "Aim-n-Go" quick adjust knob allows for painless adjustments made in the garage or on the trails with absolutely no tools. With the cast aluminum housing these lights are designed to offer good looks as well as years of service covered by their lifetime warranty against fading as well as failing. The Prerunners are rated at 35w (actual draw is 42w) which offers 3200 lumens, draws 10amps at start-up (first few seconds), and only 3.8 amps after start-up. I mounted two of these lights on my bumper and found them to offer excellent coverage both far and wide. I have rode several miles of rough terrain with the guidance of these lights with no issues and I have many more planned so check back later for future updates.

In conclusion if you ride at night and feel you need more light these 6" Prerunners from Baja Design offer excellent coverage and with the lifetime warranty you know you can't go wrong.