2015 RZR S 900 First look!

    All I can say is Polaris must be listening! When I bought my 800 S I wanted a 900 but couldn't take the chance on the rear suspension so I settled for the 2013 Blue Fire 800 S and although the 800 is by far from underpowered I wanted more. So when I seen the Polaris videos of this new machine last Tuesday I knew I had to have one, my 800 was having electrical issues so I took it to Norris's for some warranty work and to my surprise he done had two of these new 900S bikes! When I watched the videos I figured it would be a couple months before anyone had one but when only days later I pulled up and Norris had two I took that as an omen and had him load up the pearl Black!

    When I looked this bike over I expected some great changes seeing the 800S chassis is basically the same as it was when it came out and to my surprise there was more to it than that!  After a quick walk around I got to say from the looks of it Polaris did GOOD! All the weak links "seem" to be addressed and improved upon. The chassis looks to be a thick walled tubing that travels around the front of the bike to make a sturdy bumper mount and protect the radiator at the same time, another biggy is the a-arms now have a dual bolt setup instead of the single which should make life easier on the bushing, its got a full size car type battery (44ah), a much better glove compartment latch, Slider on the driver side seat, seat backs adjustable up or down a couple inches from the looks of it, Polaris claims an inch more leg room but honestly it feels like much more, fox 2.0 shocks, the rear sway bar is going to be real easy to remove seeing it right on the back, actual tie-rod ends, easy access engine compartment, air box is now in the center above the motor and no longer above the wheel, and best of all the 27" Dirt Commanders from the factory! They must have built this machine for ME.. lol I think the Polaris site says a new awd setup but the front diff looks the same as my 800 s so I don't know what the different is or where it is. So far I love it but we will see! And I am sure I am forgetting something..

Check out the video and stay tuned for more details and pictures as soon as I get some daylight and some time in the seat of this thing!

After the first ride all I can say is WOW! Polaris has went far above and beyond my original expectations for this bike! This bike rides awesome, runs great, is a lot easier to maintain, has a large automotive battery with standard top post terminals, has a safety on the seat belt so unless you are buckled in it will not run over 15mph, and much much more! This bike makes my old 800 S look and feel like a Dinosaur. Me and the kids took this bike for the first ride after checking all the fluids, which took about 3 minutes and did not require a seat pull or me getting under the bike which is awesome! On the first ride we went to the creek and my little boy said can I drive so with the power steering I let him have the wheel (we went really slow) as he maneuvered through the rocky creek bed he said "Daddy I am rock crawling" and shortly later when he crawled over a few dead limbs he said "Daddy I can log crawl" this RZR is just that good! If the durability is improved like everything else this bike will be bulletproof but only time will tell so we will see!

Got to do a little more riding yesterday and I got to say the more I ride this thing the more it impresses me when compared to the 800S. The power is usable but you have to have a little throttle control to avoid blowing out the tires in some situations where as in the 800 it was never much of an issue.

With a little seat time I got to know the bike a little better and did another walk around video, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think!

For any questions feel free to e-mail me!