Quadboss Expedition Jr. box

    When it comes to cargo boxes Quadboss is not new to the game by any means and with all that they offer in hard and soft storage options its not that hard to find the perfect setup for any ATV or Sidexside. And even with all that they  already offer they keep finding ways to change the designs to make them better and they did just that with this new Expedition Jr. box.

    When it comes to carrying tools, clothing, and accessories it seems there is never enough room and it is hard to keep everything clean and dry, but with all the options available there is always a way if you have the time and money to look around the web, Or more specifically the Quadboss website. I currently have several of the Quadboss box's both soft and hard and I use these boxes for different things from camping, to trail riding with the family, and to racing around with fast paced friends! My favorite however is this new Expedition Jr. box. This is a hard box with plenty of space for the essential tools and accessories that I carry. Between the three boxes in my comparison video this box actually holds a little more cargo than the other two although it has a smaller lid and a lower profile, it does this due to it being wider and almost filling the cargo area of the RZR. One of the small but very noticeable and appreciated benefits of the Quadboss expedition boxes over the competition is the catches on the lid that hold the lid up when you want it open no matter how steep a hill you are parked on. Something else I like that is unique to this box is that it uses four plungers to hold it down and two of those are on the inside of the box so even though it is still easily removable it is also securely in place when it needs to be.

       In conclusion if you are looking for the best storage option for your 2015+ RZR 900 keep in mind they designed this box with not only a good deal of internal storage in mind but they designed it with external storage as well so be sure to give it a look!