DWT's Black Diablo Beadlocks


Looking for a change and to add a little bling to the rhino I went to DWT Racing and picked up a set of their Diablo Beadlocks with the black finish from their selection of litecast wheels. Upon receiving and taking a good look at these wheels I found they not only look amazing but offer several revolutionary features most conventional wheels do not, including a concealed valvestem which means you are less likely to get the valve stem pulled out due to a limb, rock, or other obsticle on the trails and in the mud. These wheels have a replacable heavy duty aluminum beadlock ring that is held in place with sixteen bolts torqued 5.5-7.5 foot lbs. If your like me and ride a lot of rocks then you know the outer ring/lip of the wheels take a lot of abuse and in time need to be replaced, which can not be done on a conventional wheel but on a beadlock like these the beadlock rings are replacable and can be purchased seperately from the wheel. Something I really like about being able to purchase extra beadlock rings is you can order an extra set and have them powder coated or painted any color you like then swap them out from time to time to change the look of your bike. Now I got to ask have you ever lost a center cap? well I think One of the biggest innovations of these Diablo wheels is the machined center cap, this center cap is designed and machined with the wheel which means it can not fall out nor get knocked out on the trail. Something else unique to the Diablo wheels is the duel bolt patterns (4/110 and 4/115) that allow them to fit numourous applications.

Well enough talk! lets ride,