EMP Gas Tank Guard

        Over the past year I have really enjoyed the RZR and everything it has to offer but I have also found several vulnerable areas that needed addressed. My latest install on this bike is EMP's RZR gas tank Guard which is valuable insurance in my opinion.  This guard is light weight aluminum so it adds very little weight to the machine while offering large rewards. You might ask a Gas tank guard? why? if so you most likely  have not looked at your rzr gas tank. I ride the hills and rocks of Tennessee so the stock RZR skids were basically useless for me and the terrain I ride so I upgraded them to a good set of aluminum skids along with a good set of nerf bars before the RZR ever hit the trails. With the skids and nerf bars the under carriage was covered about as good as possible but from the rear the gas tank had no protection. With the placement of the gas tank right in front of the right rear tire not only could the tire fling rocks and debris at the gas tank but when in reverse a stick could get wedged between the tank and chassis destroying the tank, ending a ride early, and causing a long ride back to the truck being towed and thats assuming your not riding alone!

  The install of the EMP Gas tank Guard was very easy. The kit comes with four self tapping screws of which I only used two on the rear mount. On the front mount, four holes are supplied, two so you can use the self taping screws, and two are so you can use bolts in existing holes of the RZR chassis. My nerf bars used these same two existing holes in the chassis so I just removed the two bolts holding the rear of the nerf bar and slide this guard between the nerf bar and chassis then reinstalled them two bolts for a good strong mount.

In conclusion I feel this guard is perfect for what it is designed to do and I feel it is cheap insurance for a vulnerable part of the RZR!

EMP RZR Gas Tank Guard