SideXSide Customs HIDs

SidexSide Customs Plug and Play HID's

 Since day one I have felt the lighting on my Rhino could have been much better, After a month or so of riding I installed a set of 55 watt fog lights which helped but still was not enough. Until I installed these lights from SidexSide customs I didn't realize just how weak they was. These 35 watt HID's (6000k) are so much brighter than stock, now my 55 watt fog lights are nothing but bumper ornaments. From inside the cab if I have the HID's on you can't even tell when I turn the fog lights on and off. These lights come as a kit which includes everything needed to install them, including the mounting bracket. One of the best things about this kit is that it is plug and play which means it plugs into the factory wiring harness giving you full function of the factory headlight switch and you still have both high/low beams. Not to mention they run on 35 watts (per bulb) as apposed to the stock 55 watt (per bulb) lights which yield less drain on the battery and charging system.

  Installation of this kit was fairly simple, Installation took less than an hour. First things first I removed my old lights and placed them on the shelf. Next I decided where I was going to mount the mounting plate, I then wired everything up to make sure all my wiring would reach and would not get pinched when opening and closing the hood. Then after testing the lights to make sure everything worked, I drilled four 1/8 inch holes in the corners of the plate and through the frame. Then I installed the supplied four self tapping screws in the holes I just drilled in the plate/frame to secure the plate to the frame. I used zip ties and velcro to finish mounting all the hardware to the plate and secure the Positive/Negative leads going to the battery box.


In conclusion if you do any riding at night I highly recommend you get a set of these. These HID's from SideXSide Customs are an excellent investment that could save you from a number of surprises when riding at night due to the increased visibility with them installed.