EMP Fuse/Switch Panel

Accessories, accessories, accessories, one of the first thing anyone does to a new sidexside is start adding a custom touch with aftermarket accessories that meet our individual needs and in my case this is no exception. When it come to wiring I went to Extreme Metal Products and Picked up this switch/fuse panel that makes wiring accessories so much easier and painless. This kit comes with everything needed for install and to get power to the unit  including the bolts, nuts, wiring, fuse block, fuses, and 20amp switches that iluminate when switched on. This unit mounts under the dash where it is easily accessible, hides the wiring really well, and looks like a factory fit. This unit mounts using existing holes in the frame under the dash so no drilling is required. The only thing I did add to this kit was a maxi-fuse and maxi-fuse holder, this kit was setup to attach directly to the battery or off a circuit breaker but I could not find a circuit breaker locally and I do not recommend running wires this long strait from the battery with no fuse as it is Dangerous and could cause a fire. So I went to the local auto-parts store and picked up the Maxi-fuse and holder then attached this to the end of the hot lead going to the switch/fuse panel.

The install of this panel was real simple, with only four bolts and nuts this unit mounted up under the dash with a factory fit in only minutes. I only removed the stock plastic skid so I would have access too the stock wiring harness as I run my wiring for this kit under the bike and ran it along the factory wiring harness attaching it with zip ties every so often then ran it up and through an existing hole in the dash. I attached the maxi-fuse holder directly to the battery under the drivers set so if in the future I ever have an issue with the fuse all I have to do is remove the seat to replace the maxi-fuse. After install the fuses in the panel are easily removed by reaching up under the panel and pulling them from the fuse box similar to most automotive setups.

This panel does great but with my setup I was having issues with my right knee hitting the switch closest to it and it was turning the switch on or off especially when I was getting in or out of the bike when it was installed in the factory mounting holes. So I decided to remove the panel, drill four new holes, and reinstall the panel three quarters of an inch recessed under the dash. I drilled the new holes in the braces under the dash and not the switch panel because for me it was easier. With this little modification my knees clear fine, the switches are still easily accessible, and personally I like the looks a little better..