2014 F150 SuperCrew

Over the years I have always ran older trucks but I finally decided I am to old to be working on them and I wanted something reliable that we could take anywhere we wanted so I went to the local ford and brought back this 2014 F150 Supercrew with the 5.0 Coyote engine! And yes several have asked why not get the ecoboost? well for me a v6 is a v6 and it will always be a v6 not matter how much power it makes it will never "Sound" like a v8 with a good set of pipes! So I wanted the 5.0. When I seen this truck in blue I knew i had to have it, so I set and negotiated with the salesman and sales manager for about six hours before they finally gave me the deal I was looking for. Then I brought her home! Surprisingly around here I am getting about 17-18mpg and have seen 22mpg on the open road! And yes I know the ecoboost gets better but it still sounds like a v6 doing it. lol

And yes I bought this truck because I didn't want to work on it but guess what... Thats just not me so I had to change a few things.

First things first I added the Rain guards and bug shield from the local autozone! And tinted the front windows to match the rear. No matter what you own these are always a great addition!

Next I went to Amazon and picked up a couple 5.0 badges to install on the lower doors and pulled the 4x4 stickers from the bed side.

Then I went to Icon alloys and picked up a set of their shield wheels wrapped in a set of stock size wild country tires! And I went to the local exhaust shop and had a new muffler installed with two tailpipes and some stainless tips! Now she looks and sounds like a v8 truck should!

Somewhere along  the way I went to Huskyliners and picked up a set of their mud guards to replace the big tractor trailer flaps it had originally. These flaps work great and do the job while looking sporty at the same time.



I plan on keeping this truck a long long time so to help protect the inside I went to Huskyliners and picked up a set of their weatherbeater floor mats! This is my daily driver and I work outside in the weather so this is a must for me.

Next I found the Husky liners Gearbox and had to have one! You can never have enough space especially if you have three kids like me so all the added storage I could achieve the better and this gearbox made the wasted space under the backseat very useful.