EMP Mirrors

Extreme Metal Products Mirrors

Mirrors are always a good thing to have and a must if you are going to make a bike street legal. These mirrors from EMP look good on the bike and go great with the body lines of the bike. The actual mirror in these is large enough to allow a good view of what is behind you plus they fold in for those tight trails. A big plus for these mirrors is they are cheap so if you break one it can be replaced without breaking the bank. These mirrors have a ball joint style mount which can be adjusted so you can set the mirror tight for less vibrating or loose for easier movement.

These mirrors are real simple to install, you just remove the four front cage bolts and attach one bracket to each side with the new supplied hardware then you bolt a mirror to each  bracket with more supplied hardware. There is plenty of adjustment in these mirrors as well as the brackets.

        After about 150 miles I found the inner brackets on both mirrors that attach them to the chassis was broken and with the mirrors themselves holding up good I made a couple steel brackets to replace the plastic ones. The brackets I made are just a simple steel setup that is fully adjustable but to adjust them up and down the two mounting bolts need to be loosened. With the steel brackets these mirrors are a lot more stable and still fold in if they hit something or if adjustment is needed..

Below is an image with the bracket I made..