EMP's HD rear Bumper!

Extreme Metal Products

HD Rear Bumper

Part # EMP-10963

This is an excellent little item from EMP, It is a well built rear bumper for the Yamaha rhino that not only bolts to the bed but also mounts to the pivot points of the bed and pivots with the bed. This setup is Laser cut and CNC formed in the USA (In Cleveland Ohio). Then it is welded, all welds are ground smooth, and then powder coated Texture black that provides a good match with the rest of the rhinos Powder coated parts.

This is a simple install that requires four holes to be drilled in the bed that will be used for attachment points for the mounting brackets. You will want to lightly attach the mounting brackets to the bumper before drilling any holes, don't tighten the mounting bolts just run them up snug and you can tighten them after everything is mounted. Next you will want to remove the cotter key's and washers from the beds pivot pins, slide the mounting brackets on those pivot pins, then reinstall the washers and cotter keys. With it now attached to the pivot pins you either use a friend or a jack like I did to raise the bumper up against the bed (be careful not to pinch the taillight wiring). Check both sides of the bed to make sure the bumper is in the center of the bike then drill one of the bumper mounting holes, install the supplied nut, bolt, washer and snug it into place, with the bumper held by the bolt check again to make sure it is still centered then if it is centered drill the other three holes and install the rest of the nuts, bolts, and washers. Next lower the jack, tighten all the hardware, and you are done.