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Free Bee's:

Rhino Hood Mod

Radiator cleaner

Must Have's:

A set of 4 or 5-point harnesses, we all know a seat belt is a seat belt and works better than nothing but if you ride rough you need a set of four or five point harnesses to protect you and the person setting in the passenger seat. I went with a set of Crow 4-point harnesses but I am considering stepping up to a set of 5-point harnesses. Read Full Review

 A winch is a must have for sure and the KFI 4000lbs fit the bill perfectly. I have used this winch numerous times and it has always had enough power to get me out of a bad situation. Read Full Review

A Radiator Guard and EMP has several choices to choose from, this is a cheap investment that protects your expensive radiator. Read Full Review

A set of Skid Plates, riding in rocks (trails or creek beds) the rhino's thin sheet metal undercarriage takes a lot of abuse but a good set of skid plates can offer a lot of protection keeping the undercarriage in great shape for years to come. For skids I went to Ricochet Offroad Armor and picked up a full set of underbelly skids. Read Full Review

In rough terrain I got to say lifting the front a little to level it with the rear is a must. I went to Rubber Down Customs and got one of their "Leveling Kits" for the rhino then modified it to keep the shocks from binding at full compression of the shocks. Read Full Review

Wheels and Tires:

We all know the easiest way to give the bike an all new look as well as change its attitude and ability to perform on different terrains whether it snow, mud, rock, or sand is by changing the wheels and tires.

DWTs new MOAPA's mounted on their new Sector beadlocks These wheels not only offer great looks but are constructed of super strong lightweight heat treated 6061 .190 aluminum and are designed to handle basically everything we can throw at them.

DWT's Diablo Wheels These wheels like most actually speak for them selves! They have a unique design that has a none removable center cap it is actually machined into the wheels which means no more last center caps!

MotoSport Alloys Platoon wheel and MotoGrip Tire kit This combo looks awesome, the wheels are unique in design as well as the tires. These tires are DOT approved and offer great traction on hard packed trails.

GBC's Grim Reapers These tires are nothing short of amazing, I have put many hard miles on them and they have held up great as well as perform great in a wide variety of terrain.


 If you do any riding at night I highly recommend you invest in a good set of lights. I am sure like me you have found the factory lights on the rhino are way underpowered if you have ever seen a good set of HID's or LED's on one.

SidexSide Customs Plug and Play HID's

 Until I installed these lights from SidexSide customs I didn't realize just how weak the stock lights on the rhino was. These 35 watt HID's (6000k) are so much brighter than stock, now my 55 watt fog lights are nothing but bumper ornaments Read More.

Baja Designs 6" Prerunner HID's

A couple months ago I installed a set of stock replacement HID's from SidexSide Customs which was such an improvement over stock it yielded my bumper mounted halogen lights useless. This got me to wondering just how a good set of larger HID's would do mounted to my bumper. After doing some research I went to Baja Designs, one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of lights for the offroad industry and found they offer 6" PreRunner HID's with a lifetime warranty. Read more.


We spend a lot of time in these bikes and at the end of the day we like to know in the morning we are going to be able to go to work without being sore from the day before and the only way to do that is by modifying the bike to you comfort needs.

Shocks:One of the easiest way to raise the comfort leave of any bike is a good set of shocks and the rhino is no differant. From the factory I quickly noticed the front shocks on my rhino liked to bottom out regularly and the rears liked to kick.

Progressive 425 Shocks.

  A set of Progressive Suspensions 425 Heavy Duty shocks fill the bill without emptying the pocket. These shocks offer excellent ride and handling in a wide variety of terrain right out of the box but can be custom tailored to each individuals needs  Read more.


This is something commonly over looked due to price but a good set of seats can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of the day and on the ride home. If you have had your rhino very long I know you have noticed as I did that the stock seats have very little cushioning. This lack of cushioning is extremely noticeable when you get on a rough trail or if you are just riding fast on a smooth trail and find a small rut or mud hole. If you are reading this I assume you feel the same way I do about the stock seats and are in the market for a set of good comfortable seats.

Beards Sport Seats

For the average trail rider this is all you need, it is a great stock replacement that offers a lot more cushioning and a much more comfortable ride.Read More

Beard Super TSX Seats.

  These seats are designed with the racer in mind! They cup around you waist and allow you to run your harnesses though the seats so once your seated you do not move in any direction no matter how hard you ride Read more.

UTV Crap Seat Bases.

  Have you ever noticed how the stock seats rock from side to side? I have and have always thought the aftermarket seat bases were an excellent idea but until I installed my new Super TSX seats I keep putting them on the "to do later list". After installing my new Beard seats I noticed my seat bases were incredibly weak and seemed to wobble around even more than stock..Read more.

Making it yours:

All these bikes come from the factory setup to do most anything we would want them to but there is minor ways of improving them to meet our needs. One of those needs if to be different so we set out looking for items/accessories that will accomplish this. One of the easiest ways to do this is wheels and tires but it is by far from being the only way.


QuadBoss Fender Flares

Fender Flares not only block the additional mud and debris thrown from oversized wheels and tires but also give a wider more rugged look. Read More

QuadBoss Slimline Roof

If you have ever rode on a hot summer day or a rainy day with no roof, I am sure you are like myself and feel a good roof is a necessity for the Rhino. An aftermarket roof not only adds unique looks and styling to the Rhino, but It also adds protection Read more.

Maier Custom Hood and Plastics

Whether you have broken plastic, faded plastic, or just want to change up the looks of you bike A new set of plastics is an easy way to change the entire looks of the machine and with Maier offering so many color choices as well as a couple different designs the hard part us choosing which setup you want to go with.  Read More


Extreme Metal Products HD Rear Bumper (with install video)

This is an excellent little item from EMP, It is a well built rear bumper for the Yamaha rhino that not only bolts to the bed but also mounts to the pivot points of the bed and pivots with the bed. This setup is Laser cut and CNC formed in the USA (In Cleveland Ohio). Then it is welded, all welds are ground smooth, and then powder coated Texture black that provides a good match with the rest of the rhinos Powder coated parts. Read More.

Pro Armor Front Baja Bumper.

 The front bumper is the first thing others will see when they see you coming down the trail and this bumper from Pro Armor not only stands out in the visual department but also adds protection to the front of the bike as well as a place to mount a couple lights.. Read more.


There is several manufacturers out today who offer doors for the rhino and they all have their own unique design which not only adds to your preferance in looks but can also add protection depending on which doors you decide to go with.

Seizmik Rhino Modular Door System.

  If you ride causally through the trails and ride mostly open trails these door are a sound investment that looks awesome. They have a soft cover that is not designed for the tight wooded trails but is designed to function and keep the chill out in the winter time. These doors are constructed from strong 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and super light, weighing in at only 5.5lbs per door and 2.5lbs for each Mounting plate for a total of only 16lbs.  Read more.


Pro Armor Safari Rack.

This Safari Rack from Pro Armor is a product that allows you to store an abundance of your gear in front of you, where you can keep an eye on it. This rack is designed out of tubing which allows you to strap all your gear down with bungee cords or something similar making it easily accessible yet totally secure at the same time..Read more.

Pro Armor Soft Cargo Cover..

How often have you carried cargo? How often have you got to the camp site and found you camping equipment or other cargo covered with mud, dust, and other debris? This cargo cover from Pro Armor is an excellent item that is designed to protect your cargo when needed and is easily removed when not needed. Read more.

QuadBoss Overhead Stereo Compartment.

When it comes to a stereo setup for the Rhino there is several options. The three main options are, the in dash option that removes the warning label in the center of the dash, the below dash housing, and the overhead compartments. I chose this overhead compartment from QuadBoss because the mud and water we sometimes cross is too high for me to feel comfortable with the lower housings.Read More..

ModQuad Billet Gas and Brake pedals.

These pedals are awesome they not only look better than stock but actually offer a little more grip than stock when wet and muddy.  Read More

Making it unbreakable:

As something breaks I like to replace it with something stronger so next time it will not be the weak link.

Cognito Motorsports Heavy Duty Spindles

  These spindles are designed by Cognito Motorsports as a bolt on replacement for the weak stock Rhino spindles. They have gussets at both ball joints and on the steering arm for increased strength not to mention they are constructed of forged steel for durability (the stock spindles are cast steel with no gussets). These spindles are also machined to accept stock bearings, seals, and ball joints which can be ordered with them pre-installed as mine did. Read More

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