Maier Plastics

Maier Custom Hood

and White Carbon Fiber Plastics

After two years of abuse I decided it was time to upgrade the stock plastics on the project Rhino. Knowing Maier has been a big name in the industry for some time now I went with a set of their white carbon fiber plastics with their custom hood. Install of plastics on the rhino is fairly simple and took me about an hour to change it out. The only problem I found was the plastic rivets that hold the plastic in place can be easily broken and/or distorted. The best way I found to remove the rivets is to take a small screwdriver and pop up on the center to release the tension. The bed sides and dash cover mounts to all stock locations but the hood required drilling a few holes in the headlight panel to mount it to the new hood with the new included hardware. Once mounted these plastics look awesome it is amazing how much better they look and shine compared to my two year old stock plastics..

In conclusion:

I feel the custom hood makes my rhino look a lot better and draws attention when on the trails not to mention the detail in the plastics that give it the carbon fiber effect and amazing shine..

I have only had these on a few short rides and so far they are holding up great. I will update after a few more miles of good trail riding.