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     Welcome to Mud and Guts Offroad and the Latest and greatest! Over the years this site has gotten bigger and bigger with more info along with my write ups on many products that I have tested over the last several years! With this in mind I know it can be difficult to find the Latest and Greatest products and projects that I am working on, so here it is! From now own when I review products I will display them here as well as on their project page. I am also hoping to add more to the site which will be posted here so to stay up to date with what is going on feel free to check here as often as you wish. And don't forget the links on the left will get you to each build with all these reviews and much much more!

2017 Full Size Ranger 570!

Over the last few years if you have been keeping up with my builds and videos you probably already knew that the RZR was getting a little cramped for me and my twins so I set out several months ago looking for our next big build rig! I looked at several four seaters and didn't really like the added length but it was looking like that was the direction I was going to go until I found the full size Rangers had three seat belts. No the Ranger is not the only one that offers three wide but with a budget in mind nothing else really compared to the ranger. And honestly I really like the idea of the twins being right beside me. Read More

2015 RZR S 900 Install videos!

When I seen this bike released I knew it was time for me to upgrade my old "S" with some style so that's just what I did! (Be sure to check out the first look page) Polaris did an awesome job on this bike with all the improvements but like everything it needs a little customization to make it different and perform better! On this page you will find all my tutorial videos and quick looks at products I will be installing on this 2015 RZR S 900!

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2015 RZR S 900!

All I can say is Polaris must be listening! When I bought my 800 S I wanted a 900 but couldn't take the chance on the rear suspension so I settled for the 2013 Blue Fire 800 S and although the 800 is by far from underpowered I wanted more. So when I seen the Polaris videos of this new machine last Tuesday I knew I had to have one, my 800 was having electrical issues so I took it to Norris's for some warranty work and to my surprise he done had two of these new 900S bikes! When I watched the videos I figured it would be a couple months before anyone had one but when only days later I pulled up and Norris had two I took that as an omen and had him load up the pearl Black! Read More!

RacerTechs Delrin Pivot Bushings

Installing these bushings was a lot more time consuming than installing the stock style loose bushings but with several rides and several hundred miles on the RacerTech setup my bike is just as tight as the day I installed their bushings. All I was looking for in these bushings was a set of bushings that would last longer but I gained a whole lot more, With the RacerTech bushings the bike actually handles better, is more controllable, and drives better. Read More

QuadBoss UTV Drink Holders

These Drink holders mount quickly and easily, they keep my drinks cold, and they keep my drinks in place! Read More!

RacerTech's Two Piece stock replacement RZR cage

In my mind I could see this cage on my bike with a few add ons and I liked what I could see so I decided to give this cage a try and now I am sure glad I did because not only do I have a tough cage that is easily taken apart but I love the looks with the roof and modified QuadBoss Windshield. I also modified my Cage extension by adding a few cage bungs and welding the upper solid to the RacerTech cage so it is a fast removal three piece cage setup. Read More

BikeMaster Automatic Battery Charger!

Like most people in the past I have managed to neglect my batteries with full intentions of maintaining them from time to time but it seems that time just never came around. I have always had a battery charger but unless I hit the key and nothing happened it was seldom used. Read More

QuadBoss UTV Drink Tube

When it comes to ATV's and UTV's there is never enough storage or so it seems. With this in mind, The QuadBoss UTV Drink tube is a great little cooler that can be mounted on the cage so it doesn't really take up any room, it just makes use of extra room already on board.

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AMR Racing Graphics for the RZR

When it comes to customizing an ATV or UTV in today's market the possibilities are endless and it don't matter if you are looking for performance, durability, or impressing looks. Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of work to my RZR trying to make it a more capable and more durable RZR so I finally decided it was time to give it a more custom look. Read More

QuadBoss Clutch kit

Coming from the old Rhino to the RZR the handling and power difference was huge to say the least but like about every other power hungry nut out I am always looking for ways to make more usable power and better handling. With that said I have been looking at clutch kits to help make the power of the RZR more usable. Read More

QuadBoss Chainsaw carrier

When on the trails you never know what can happen so being prepared and ready is a part of riding, for this reason we all carry several items we feel necessary and although everyone's box is stocked a little different we all have a reason for carrying what we do. Something a lot of riders fail to carry for one reason or another including myself is a chainsaw, generally one chainsaw in the group is plenty but if the one guy who generally carries the saw misses a ride or if for some reason his saw doesn't start it never fails the saw will be needed or at least it seems that way. Rear More

EMP's RZR Gas Tank Guard

 Over the past year I have really enjoyed the RZR and everything it has to offer but I have also found several vulnerable areas that needed addressed. My latest install on this bike is EMP's RZR gas tank Guard which is valuable insurance in my opinion.  This guard is light weight aluminum so it adds very little weight to the machine while offering large rewards.

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RacerTech Bronze Control Bushings

    Shortly After starting the RZR build I found RacerTech and have since added several of their products to the RZR making it not only a lot more durably but also a better looking machine! And they are not done yet, it seems since I found them they have added several new products to their line up for the RZR including these bullet proof Control bushings. The stock control bushing are plastic by design which will wear in time and under extreme stress can crack/brake causing a loose sloppy feeling when driving the machine so when RacerTech announced they had these I had to have some. Read More

Cognito's RZR S Replacement Sway Bar!

  A few months ago I got an e-mail from the guys at Cognito asking if I was interested in trying out a new RZR S sway bar and beating on it a little for them, and I couldn't say no!

While the stock bar is a light weight thin hollow tube design the Cognito bar is a strong solid bar  of a smaller diameter with adjustments so you can adjust the handling characteristics of the machine. This kit came with the new heavy duty bar along with all new mounting hardware. Read More

RacerTech Ridgid mount bumper

When looking for a bumper for the RZR I found most bumpers mounted with two bolts right in front of the radiator, which is fine for light duty bumpers designed for pushing brush but it is by far from the best setup for impacts! The problem with mounting the bumper right in front of the radiator is upon a light  front end impact the bumper could be pushed through and destroy the radiator which could mean a long walk back to the truck. Read More.

High Lifters High Clearance A-arms

If you have been an offroader for very long I am sure you have learned in time that 99.9 if not 100 percent of the time when you get stuck its due to lack of ground clearance! Traction plays a part but unless you are on ice ground clearance plays the bigger part on an ATV or SidexSide. Read More.

QuadBoss Tire Sealant

     Over the last couple years I have ran the QuadBoss tire sealant in a couple different sets of tires including my lawnmower, my Rhino, and my RZR but until recently I did not know if it really worked or not. Read More

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