BikeMaster Dual Battery setup

On these bikes there is no secondary starting system so a dead battery could come easy and would cause for an unplanned extended ride if it goes dead due to running accessories and could possably cause a long ride back to camp being towed. There is no way to completely eliminate this but for some piece of mind I upgraded to Bikemasters TruGel stock replacement  batteries. And yes I said "Batteries", The storage compartment on my RZR is only slightly smaller than the battery compartment so with very little effort I got twice the juice of the stock battery. I went with two of Bikemasters TruGel BM MG20L-BS which is a 20 Amp Hour battery so now I got a 40 amp hour setup as apposed to the stock 18 Amp hour setup. Twice the power is a big plus but another major difference is that the BikeMaster batteries are a Gel Cell which means no worries of leakage nor corrosion unlike the stock lead acid battery. These BikeMaster TruGel batteries come with a two year warranty and all the hardware necessary for attaching the cables.

The install of this setup was real simple and really required no modifying to my bike, All I had to do was order a second battery hold down bracket, bolt, and the foam that attaches to the bracket then cut a few old winch power cables down to size (extras I have had hanging on the wall from a prior winch install)  and crimp a few terminals onto them. The second battery that I installed in the storage compartment did not sit in the bottom of the compartment due to the compartment getting smaller at the bottom but I cured that by using some foam under the battery. Polaris apparently thought a head that we would be needing more that the single battery because the spots for the battery hold down and the bolt were done molded into the plastic so it was basically a bolt in fit that looks factory.

I just installed this setup so check in later for more details..