Pro Armor Safari Rack

Pro Armor Safari Rack

And Under Hood Support

 This Safari Rack from Pro Armor is a product that allows you to store an abundance of your gear in front of you, where you can keep an eye on it. This rack is designed out of tubing which allows you to strap all your gear down with bungee cords or something similar making it easily accessible yet totally secure at the same time. The quality of this rack is excellent, the fit and finish is top of the line with it precise bends and powder coated finish. Once installed this item not only adds storage space but also really gives the Rhino a whole new look. And another added bonus from this system is it places the added weight towards the front of the bike which makes it more stable for those steep hill climbs.

 Along with the safari rack you will need the under hood support frame(which is sold separately part #Y074069) to keep the rack sturdy and to keep the added weight off of the hood itself. The under hood support attaches to the hood pivot pins in the front and has two brackets(hood pins) that attaches to the frame cross member under the hood. You have to drill six holes in the hood two for the two front brackets and four for the actual rack. First you drill the two holes for the rear brackets then with the hood fully closed you can drill the four holes in the hood to attach the rack itself. With this done installation is very simple just bolt the rack to the hood and under hood support with these four drilled holes and the supplied hardware. The hood still raises with this setup but the two front brackets do have pins to hold the hood secure which you now have to pull in order to lift the hood.

In conclusion if you need more storage space on your Rhino I feel this is excellent investment that is very sturdy, holds an abundance of cargo, and personally I feel it does wonders for the looks of the machine.

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