Cognito Heavy Duty Spindles

Cognito MotorSports

Heavy Duty Spindles

 These spindles are designed by Cognito Motorsports as a bolt on replacement for the weak stock Rhino spindles. They have gussets at both ball joints and on the steering arm for increased strength not to mention they are constructed of forged steel for durability (the stock spindles are cast steel with no gussets). These spindles are also machined to accept stock bearings, seals, and ball joints which can be ordered with them pre-installed as mine did.

Installing this set of spindles took maybe 45-60 minutes.

First I put a jack under the front center of my rhino and jacked it up till the wheels were off the ground. Second I removed the wheels, After that I removed the brake caliber from the stock spindle with the two stock mounting bolts and removed the bolt that was holding the brake hose bracket to the spindle then laid the brake caliber to the side and out of the way. Next I removed the axle nut then removed the hub and rotor assembly and laid it to the side. Next I removed the three cotter pins and the three castle nuts from the ball joints and the tie-rod end. With a little persuasion I separated the tie rod end from the spindles and in the same manner I removed the ball joints from the spindle then the spindle slide off the axle and was easily removed. I then installed the new spindles in the reverse order using blue threadlocker on all threads.

In conclusion if you bend a stock spindle or if you just want to upgrade to a stronger set before you do, I highly recommend you replace them with a set like these from Cognito Motorsports.